Belen Rodriguez, the compliments of Maurizio Costanzo: "Admirable gesture"

Belen Rodriguez, the compliments of Maurizio Costanzo: "Admirable gesture"

Maurizio Costanzo spoke after Belen Rodriguez's interview with "Verissimo", commenting on his beautiful gesture

Belen and the second pregnancy: we hope it is female

Belen Rodriguez is pregnant and will soon become an encore mother: this time she is expecting a girl, who will be called Luna Marì. But in recent months she has experienced the pain of a miscarriage, which she told about in an interview with Verissimo. And Maurizio Costanzo decided to congratulate her (and Meghan Markle) for having had the courage to talk about it on TV.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the splendid Belen Rodriguez was the guest of Silvia Toffanin during an episode of Verissimo, the Saturday afternoon talk show broadcast on Canale 5. During the long chat, mainly focused on her love story with Antonino Spinalbese and on her second pregnancy, the Argentine showgirl tackled an important and very painful issue, revealing that she had a miscarriage.

Just after starting her relationship with the hair stylist, Belen in fact discovered that she got pregnant by mistake. And after a few weeks she lost the baby she was expecting, experiencing great suffering – the same that prompted her to try again, and which today has melted thanks to the sweet expectation of Luna Marì. The very fact of talking about it on TV is a truly splendid gesture, because the drama of spontaneous abortion is a pain that afflicts many women around the world and it is very important to know that you are not alone in such a delicate moment.

Precisely for this reason, Maurizio Costanzo wanted to congratulate Belen on the pages of Nuovo Tv, where he has been writing a column for some time: "It is not easy for a woman who has lost a child to talk about it in public, nor on TV" – explained the journalist – “Telling what happened means, for her, reliving a terrible and profound pain, which never disappears. This is why Belen Rodriguez and Meghan Markle's gesture is admirable: at the cost of reopening a wound, they revealed what happened to them to make women who face the same loss feel less alone. When you find yourself in such a situation, knowing that even the stars have been through it and that they have managed to overcome them can be a great comfort “.

Like the Argentine showgirl, Meghan Markle also experienced this great pain last year. Harry's wife revealed in a touching interview that she had lost her baby in the first months of her pregnancy, suffering tremendously from the abortion. And even if today she is smiling again, carrying her second child in her womb, no one will ever be able to fill that void.

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