Belen Rodriguez, the crisis with Antonino: the shadow of betrayal appears

According to some rumors, Antonino Spinalbese would have fallen in love with another woman: this is what would be at the basis of the crisis with Belen

By now there seem to be no more doubts about the crisis between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese. The two would be going through a difficult time, just when they should be happiest for the birth of their little Luna Marì. And although they have never confirmed – nor denied – the many rumors that have been going on for weeks, they have expressed too cryptic statements on social media. Now even the shadow of a betrayal is appearing, which could be the cause of this dark period.

Belen, the betrayal of Antonino

To launch the indiscretion is the weekly DiPiù Tv, which reveals some background on the crisis that – apparently – would be underway between Belen and her boyfriend. In fact, it seems that he was involved in an alleged betrayal against the beautiful Argentine showgirl: it is rumored that Antonino let himself be taken by the passion for a girl. Not much is known about this mysterious “cumbersome” presence, except that it would work behind the scenes and would therefore not be a well-known face in the world of entertainment.

It therefore seems that Belen has decided to leave Spinalbese abruptly after learning of his interest in another woman. The details are very few, however they open a new scenario in what is the crisis that has been talked about for weeks now. The first signs had arrived on social media, when the many fans of the couple had noticed how for a long time neither of the two had shared photos together. Since that moment, it has been a real hunt for the clue, which has led to the creation of many indiscretions.

The crisis between Belen and Antonino

The two have never diverged too much, but some of their recent statements have made us think of a break – or at least a deep fracture, difficult to heal. Like when Antonino responded to a stinging remark from one of his fans about his children, surprising everyone. Or like when, in the last few days, Rodriguez published a photo of the stormy sea, clearly suggesting her state of mind. Almost a confirmation of the heavy crisis she is experiencing, just four months after the birth of her second child.

Between one indiscretion and the other (like the one that would have seen Belen busy attending Damiano of Måneskin), understanding what the truth is is really difficult. It seems that Antonino has left the house where he lived with the Argentine showgirl, and that between them the frost has now fallen. Rodriguez, on the other hand, recently spent a carefree weekend in Rome and spends a lot of time with her brother Jeremias. In the past he has always found comfort and warmth in the family, and perhaps this time too he is licking his wounds in the shelter of their embrace.

The latest signs of a reconciliation between Belen and Antonino date back a long time ago, when the two took a short romantic getaway to Paris. It seems that after that moment of lightheartedness everything has fallen apart again, and now the relationships would be definitively compromised. However, the truth is in the hands of only the two directly concerned, and they will be the ones to bring it to light when the time comes.

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