Belen Rodriguez, the mother Veronica unleashes on the joke of Pio and Amedeo

Belen Rodriguez in crisis with De Martino, she confides: "I will come out stronger than before"

Veronica Cozzani, mother of Belen Rodriguez, replies to the jokes of Pio and Amedeo to Stefano De Martino at "Amici 2021".

After Belen Rodriguez also Veronica Cozzani, mother of the showgirl, vents about Pio and Amedeo's joke to Amici 2021. The two comedians, guests of the first episode of Maria De Filippi's program, have targeted Stefano De Martino, judge of talent , with a series of jokes in which they made fun of Belen's pregnancy.

The Argentine model, as is known, is pregnant with her second child. Rodriguez is expecting a daughter, Luna Marie, from her partner Antonino Spinalbese. An overwhelming and unexpected love, born after the farewell to De Martino at the end of the lockdown. “Let's applaud Stefano De Martino – the comedians made their debut at Amici 2021 -. Best wishes again that he becomes a dad again. Finally a little brother for Santiago. Ah isn't it yours? Weren't you in the photograph? – they added -. Belén takes them all the same, I don't understand. She takes them, attaches them to the ears and gets engaged. How did you take it? It's all OK? What's your name? Antonio Spinacina? But are you on good terms? I know him, he's a good guy, he's a hairdresser. No I say, you had to go to the hairdresser … And you couldn't have shampooed too ". Stefano tried not to expose himself and immediately appeared diplomatic: “It is a job not to laugh at their jokes because if I laugh too much I risk offending someone, but they make me laugh – he replied -. If I laugh a little they are offended ”.

Shortly after the end of the episode, Belen's reaction arrived and she decided to reply to Pio and Amedeo with a post on Instagram. The showgirl posted a photo of a bar of soap, inviting someone to rinse their mouth before speaking. Among the comments in these hours has also appeared that of Veronica Cozzani, mother of the model and grandmother of little Santiago.

"Mamma mia what a macho society of cabbage – he wrote in the comments -. Closed minds and open mouths. The worst combination ". Little Luna Marie will be born in the coming months and the showgirl is over the moon. Belen's family welcomed the news of the second pregnancy with great enthusiasm and Antonino Spinalbese seems at ease in the Rodriguez family.

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