Belen Rodriguez topless on Instagram: the photo drives fans crazy

Belen Rodriguez topless on Instagram: the photo drives fans crazy

Belen Rodriguez drives socials crazy once again with a stunning topless posted on his Instagram profile

Belen Rodriguez is once again center and conquers the social networks with a breathtaking topless posted on Instagram. A week ago the Argentinian showgirl had made discussions due to the look worn at the final of “Tu si que vales”. For the occasion, the show hostess with Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Gerry Scotti and Teo Mammucari, wore a black and white dress with a side slit and a dizzying neckline. On social media, there had been no talk of other things all evening, especially for the choice of the Argentine not to wear a bra.

Belen Rodriguez topless on Instagram: the photo drives fans crazy

Also this time Belen Rodriguez managed to leave everyone speechless, posting a sexy and at the same time very elegant photo. In the shot, Argentina wears only very tight black leggings, while with one arm she covers her breast and with the other, she takes the hot selfie. Beautiful as always, Belen Rodriguez has collected hundreds of likes, shares, and comments. As often happens with Belen, even his topless managed to drive fans crazy, but also to share.

While on the one hand many find the elegant photo and the beautiful showgirl, others believe that Belen is too exhibitionist and that the shot is vulgar. Meanwhile, Rodriguez tries to ignore the controversy and enjoys one of the most beautiful periods of her life. After the end of the marriage with Stefano De Martino and the great suffering derived from what she herself called “a failure”, Belen has rediscovered a smile and love thanks to Andrea Iannone.

The pilot and Argentina were the most talked-about couple of the summer and finally decided to live their story in the light of day. More and more often the two are paparazzi during romantic outings, amid tenderness, smiles and complicit looks. The report is going well and Belen could not be happier. To crown this magical moment in love, success at work. After the big numbers reached “Tu si que vales”, Belen Rodriguez could return once again to the helm of “Pequenos Gigantes”.

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