Belen Rodriguez, uncombed hair and colorful bikini: on Instagram she is a goddess

Belen alle Maldive su Instagram

Belen Rodriguez, the controversy and insinuations continue, but she shows herself happy and beautiful in the photos on Instagram

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Unkempt hair, bikini perfect for her shapes and a true diva pose: it’s Belen Rodriguez in a photo posted on Instagram, as wonderful as ever. Under the spotlight since the beginning of his career, between ups and downs, this time for Belen it seems to be a period of continuous alleged rumors or innuendo of various kinds. The Argentine showgirl, however, reacts in the best way, that is, always showing herself smiling and fit, never leaving a little satisfaction to those who hope to see her in a dark period.

Belen Rodriguez, a goddess in the Instagram shot

Not that we had any doubts, but Belen Rodriguez once again managed to surprise with one of her bikini photos on Instagram. A goddess physique, a colorful costume that highlights her shapes and an extra touch of sensuality given by the unkempt hair. That’s right, beauty in the simplest things, as in this case for Belen who showed herself beautiful and natural, on the beach of José Ignacio.

Other shots had already attracted everyone’s attention: in this holiday of pure relaxation and fun, Belen gave way to the desire to be smiling, carefree and always fit on her Instagram profile. A message that arrives loud and clear in the photos in which she is in the pool or by the sea, in the heat and in complete relaxation to enjoy the time to dedicate to herself to the fullest.

Belen Rodriguez, smiles extinguish any kind of controversy

A truly stormy period for the Argentine showgirl who, however, never seems to lose heart. First the rumors about the break with Antonino Spinalbese (father of the little Luna Marì), later turned out to be true; then Christmas with her ex-husband Stefano De Martino, and finally the controversy over the fact that Belen Rodriguez had gone on vacation alone, without children, as if it were something absolutely to be avoided if you are a mother.

For her part, she has always avoided this kind of controversy, except in the last case in which she decided to respond in kind to a hater who, between the lines (but not too much), pointed to her as a not very present mother and not very responsible. Guilty of having left her children Santiago and Luna Marì with their respective fathers, Belen has decided to respond in kind and then go back to posting photos of herself at the sea and in the pool completely relaxing and in a great shape.

This is the case to say that smiles often extinguish any kind of controversy. We do not know if Belen Rodriguez’s is a tactic or if she is really able to let every criticism made of her slip on her, but her attitude is an example: the important thing, for her, seems to be the fact of having love. of his children and his family. She doesn’t care about criticism, or at least not to the point of changing herself. Indeed, quite the opposite, because Belen seems to respond punctually to the fingers pointed at it in a single way: with a smile and the poses of a goddess on the beach.

Belen, the photo in Bikini

Belen, the bikini photo on Instagram

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