Belen says goodbye to Mattia Ferrari. And with Antonino it goes well

Belen dice addio a Mattia Ferrari. E con Antonino va a gonfie vele

Changes coming for Belen Rodriguez: the showgirl breaks up with her friend Mattia Ferrari

In view of the end of 2020, it seems, Belen Rodriguez has decided to change her private and professional life. It did so first of all by severing the special relationship it had with Mattia Ferrari, from which it had seemed absolutely inseparable until recently.

On the other hand, Mattia helped her to overcome one of the most difficult moments of her life: the young designer was always at Belen's side when the latter separated from Stefano De Martino for the second time. Together with him, the Argentine showgirl managed to put the disappointment of love behind her and spent a summer in joy and carefree. Their bond, so solid from the first moment, had even given rise to some suspicion – there are those who had rumored of a flirtation, but the news was soon denied.

Belen and Mattia Ferrari have also had a profitable professional relationship, which however now seems to have reached its conclusion. The news is given by Gabriele Parpiglia, who on the pages of Giornalettismo revealed how the two took two different paths, after a year and a half of collaboration. The 28-year-old stylist made a brief statement: "It was a great experience, we have different goals, but now everything has come to an end". A few words, which would even suggest a break in the friendship that has tied him to Rodriguez all this time.

But there is more: in addition to a professional change, a change on a personal level would also seem to be in sight, for the splendid Belen. According to what was reported by Parpiglia, things with her boyfriend Antonino Spinalbese would be going so well that the hair stylist would have even quit his job. For some time he had taken a leave of absence at the Milanese center where he worked, but now he would have decided to resign.

In these days, Antonino has enjoyed a wonderful holiday in the mountains with Belen and the whole Rodriguez family – apparently he was welcomed with great joy, a sign (if there was still a need) of how everything is going well between the two lovers. great. And there are those who, in Spinalbese's decision to give up his profession, would like to see his desire to expand the family with the Argentine showgirl.

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