Belen, the dedication after the separation: "Not to lose you"


Belen Rodriguez publishes on Instagram a beautiful dedication-poetry, written by her, after the farewell suffered to Stefano "Leave your mark, not to get lost"

These are complicated and difficult days, for Belen Rodriguez, after the separation suffered by Stefano De Martino, and even more, after the publication of his video message on Instagram, necessary to clarify and stop the compulsions and compulsive gossip born after the removal of the dancer from their home.

Since that day, even if there have been countless demonstrations of affection and solidarity towards the showgirl, thanks to the courage shown in getting naked and the sincere suffering that transpired from her words, the gossip has not subsided, quite the contrary. "Stefano has betrayed her", "Belen is already with another" (later revealed to be a dear friend of hers, gay), "Brother Jeremias and mother Veronica defend her and attack Stefano".

Belen continued to post photos of her daily life, together with Santiago, to her closest friends and loved ones, focusing attention on what is most dear to her right now: the serenity of her son and his family.

On Saturday, however, the showgirl published a post that appears to be a tender statement, almost a hand out for reconciliation. It is an excerpt from a beautiful poem, written by her, with words full of meaning and probably addressed to someone in particular.

“Leave your mark. Leave your mark, for you, so as not to get lost. For the brave, for the pure, for the sincere, for the authentic … ". Belen writes. Conjectures and (new) allegations were taken in the media. We are sure that the message has reached the intended destination. And we wish Belen to find the well-deserved serenity.

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