Belen, the reproach of Patrizia De Blanck: the missed farewell to Rossano Rubicondi

Belen, the reproach of Patrizia De Blanck: the missed farewell to Rossano Rubicondi

Patrizia De Blanck “reproached” Belen Rodriguez for not having written anything about the disappearance of Rossano Rubicondi: her words

The death of Rossano Rubicondi has left the entertainment world stunned, and beyond. We too were deeply touched: an eternal big boy, with a wonderful smile, an epic love, the one for Ivana Trump. In all the din of his disappearance, however, the missed farewell of Belen Rodriguez was heard, who did not comment on the story. Patrizia De Blanck also intervened in this regard.

Patrizia De Blanck scolds Belen Rodriguez

Reached by the weekly Nuovo, De Blanck was very direct about Belen: “It is not up to me to judge, but at least a ‘hello’ poor Rossano would have deserved it”. Belen and Rossano were together in the 2008 edition of Isola dei Famosi. The feeling between them, in fact, was there, and perhaps this is what left De Blanck most of all speechless.

“Perhaps, given that at the time he had a partner, he erased from his memory the feeling he had with Rubicondi. When I woke up at night, Rossano had disappeared in conjunction with Belen, of whom he was certainly fascinated “, Patrizia’s words certainly lead to reflection. Between Belen and Rossano, however, there was never anything official, just a chat in pink and an “alleged kiss”.

The feeling between Belen and Rossano

Once they reached the end of the reality show, Belen and Rossano did not continue the bond, or at least: from time to time they had the opportunity to meet during the TV shows, in the broadcasts in which they were invited. Sometimes, however, they found themselves in worldly events. Certainly, De Blanck did not miss the opportunity to comment on this missed farewell. The countess, however, also advanced a certain level of doubt: “Perhaps they have lost an opportunity for lasting happiness”.

Rossano Rubicondi, the pain of Ivana Trump

If on the one hand there are those who have not commented on his farewell, on the other we have a woman who has been visibly destroyed by the disappearance of her lifelong companion. On Domenica In, in fact, Ivana Trump chose to pay homage to Rubicondi in a letter that had all the flavor of poignant melancholy.

“Dear Mara, thank you very much for remembering our Rossano in your program today. I want to send a loving message to his parents. I feel very lucky to have lived with him twenty years of friendship and marriage. We too have had our share of ups and downs, like everyone else, but we have always been friends, so much so that we protect each other. I will miss his devotion, his eternal friendship, even though he loved life too much to leave it so soon. Rest in peace, my Rossano. With love, Ivana ”.

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