Belly air: here's how to solve the problem

Slag-free diet against a swollen belly: how it works

This is why the abdomen can begin to swell, having reached a certain age, and what can be done to counteract this phenomenon

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Many women fight against the excessive presence of air in the intestine. The swelling increases with the approach to menopause: these are the reasons and natural solutions.

Over the years, women can begin to suffer from excessive air in the stomach, meteorism and distension of the abdominal circumference, especially as menopause approaches. A common problem that many find themselves facing even though they have not changed their eating habits.

This phenomenon is explained by Beatrice Salvioli, a gastroenterologist at the Humanitas Hospital in Milan. In the most common cases of meteorism the causes can be traced in a variation of one's diet, as well as in an evident intestinal irregularity.

If this is not the case, being aware of the fact that you are following a constant food plan and being able to evacuate regularly, the analysis will lead you to put under your magnifying glass any medicines you take, stress-filled events and any hormonal changes.

As far as drugs are concerned, the finger is almost always aimed at antibiotics, tending to cause a substantial modification of the intestinal flora, also generating an increase in abdominal swelling. Certain symptoms, however, are frequent in women who approach menopause, even though everything cannot always be linked to advancing years.

Psycho-physical stress can indeed play a crucial role, going to alter the dynamics of the muscle-ligament structures of our abdomen, and at the same time change the type of bacteria present in the intestinal microflora.

If the triggering cause is to be traced to the medicines taken, it is advisable to consult your doctor. If instead a period of heavy stress is admitted, slowing down the pace of one's hectic life could lead to a slow resolution of the problem.

However, there are natural methods to counteract a general sense of swelling of the abdomen:

  • Fennel tends to relax the muscles of the abdomen, also favoring the elimination of intestinal gases.
  • Ginger is often used to combat meteorism, nausea and counter digestion that is too slow. You could chew a slice after each meal or use it for a relaxing herbal tea.
  • Cumin is a spice with carminative, digestive and deflating properties. You could prepare a deflated herbal tea with cumin alone or accompanied by fennel and anise.
  • Charcoal is one of the most used remedies to counteract excess air in the belly. Being able to absorb intestinal gas, it is recommended to take it after meals.
  • An herbal tea made with cinnamon and ginger could do 'miracles' on days when you feel particularly swollen.
  • Water with lemon, early in the morning, can help purify your body, as weeks go by, speeding up your metabolism and reducing swelling.
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