Benedetta Parodi, super birthday party (with her sister Cristina)

Benedetta Parodi, super birthday party (with her sister Cristina)

Benedetta Parodi celebrates her birthday in Porto Rotondo with a super party

The summer event? Benedetta Parodi's beach party for her 47 years. The presenter and kitchen expert celebrated her birthday in Sardinia, organizing an amazing party on the beach of Porto Rotondo.

After a successful television season, Benedetta flew to the island to spend the holidays with the whole family. With her not only her husband Fabio Caressa and her three children (Matilde, Eleonora and Diego), but also her sister Cristina Parodi with her husband and daughters. Many friends joined the group and Laura, the journalists' mother.

To celebrate its 47 years Benedetta Parodi has chosen a suggestive and romantic location on the beach. Guests showed up barefoot and danced on the beach, enjoying the sunset, snacks and cocktails.

Many smiles and music characterized Benedetta's party, which on Instagram told, together with her sister Cristina, the highlights of the party. In particular, the former Sunday In presenter posted a shot in which Parodi dances a slow embrace to her husband Fabio Caressa.

"The Feast of Good is the summer event! – commented -. You and Fabio are beautiful "a very sweet dedication that thrilled Instagram fans. The party continued until late at night, with dancing barefoot and singing along with the whole family.

The best surprise for Benedetta Parodi? The dedication of her daughter Matilde Caressa who went on stage to sing a song for her mother. The journalist thanked everyone for her good wishes, posting several videos in the Instagram Stories.

In recent days on his social profile was born a small controversy due to a click in which appeared along with her husband. Several users said they were worried about their excessive thinness by accusing them of sending a wrong message to followers.

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