Benedetta Parodi, the photo with her husband worries: "You are too thin"

Benedetta Parodi and Fabio Caressa ended up in the middle of the controversy for a photo in which they would be too thin

A photo of Benedetta Parodi with Fabio Caressa sparked a heated controversy on Instagram. In fact, many are convinced that the two are not well and are too thin.

It all started when the journalist and kitchen expert, very active on social media, posted a shot that portrayed her at the sea with her husband. In the picture the two are sitting on a low wall on the beach, both dressed in white, tanned and smiling. "Happy Hour" Benedetta wrote, but the fans did not like the post.

Many have pointed out to the presenter her excessive thinness and that of her husband, wondering what happened. "The Caressa has really lost weight – one user wrote – but how could she not eat if you cook so well?" you ”added another.

"But is Caressa sick? – added a follower -. Too skinny I hope there are no problems ", while another commented:" But noooo they look sick both of them are very thin … but how do you say they're fine .. I can't … ".

La Parodi has not responded to the provocations, but some fans have thought of defending it. "How many ugly comments! – an Instagram follower replied – How sad! I, on the other hand, the first thing I thought was: "look at that beautiful couple"! The world is really bad! ".

United and in love, only a few months ago Fabio Caressa and Benedetta Parodi had sworn again eternal love on a beach in front of their sons Eleonora, Matilde and Diego.

"Benedetta has an aura of light that surrounds her and illuminates where she passes – he told her time ago talking about his wife -. It was my luck. " While she had explained: "Fabio has a brilliant intelligence and uses it to achieve excellence in everything he does".

Benedetta Parodi – Source: Instagram

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