Benedetta Rossi: "I stop, I have to rebuild the relationship with my husband"

Benedetta Rossi

Benedetta Rossi announces on Instagram the decision to stop to rebuild the relationship with her husband

The need to turn off the phone and spend time with her husband: Benedetta Rossi on Instagram announces that she will stop for some time. After intense years of recipes and videos, she revealed to fans the desire to devote herself to love and in particular to her husband Marco. "By now you know me, you know how I am – she wrote on social media -, I share with you my daily life, my joys, my fears, my life with Marco and Cloud".

"It was a very busy year for everyone and for me too – added Benedetta Rossi -. I worked hard, I didn't hold back in the face of new responsibilities, I went through difficult times, I put all of myself into what I had to accomplish and many beautiful and unexpected satisfactions arrived. You have always been close to me, you have encouraged and encouraged me just like you do with a dear friend and for this I thank you so much … you often tell me that I have not changed over the years and that I am the Blessed I have always been, I confirm that it is so, but precisely because I don't want to lose my enthusiasm due to fatigue, I need to unplug a bit ”.

"I need to turn off the phone – explained the food blogger – and the computer for a few days and dedicate myself to myself, to get back to doing all those things I did before this wonderful adventure began, but above all I need to stay a while alone with Marco. We are husband and wife, in recent years we have also become "work colleagues". Working together in our home has many advantages, but when you are tired and stressed you end up blaming those closest to you. I want him a good of soul and I know that he too wants me, so I need to be with him for a while without thinking about work, I want to pamper him a little, to talk about something else, to laugh as we know together. I already know that you will understand my need for silence and normality – he concluded -, but I still want to apologize for this absence which, I promise, will be short. I love you".

The post received thousands of Likes, including that of Antonella Clerici, also a cooking expert and successful host. Benedetta Rossi with her simplicity and smile has touched the hearts of many people. His videos can count on millions of views and recipe books are among the best sellers. Her husband Marco has been with her for years, to whom she has been linked since school.

Benedetta Rossi

Benedetta Rossi

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