Benefits of shiatsu massages

Benefits of shiatsu massages

Shiatsu massage has ancient origins and is very useful in case of back, head and neck problems: here are all its benefits

Shiatsu massage has Japanese origins and was created to relieve the body but also to bring well-being to the spirit. At the basis of the Japanese philosophy that gave birth to this form of oriental massage, there is the belief that in each person there are meridians that contain a vital energy known as "ki". If the flow of energy is altered or blocked, imbalances, malaise and disturbances may appear in the individual. Shiatsu massage therefore manages to restore the normal flow of ki energy. Traditionally, the shiatsu massage is performed on the classic Japanese tatami, directly on the ground.

The environment must be quiet and the context not noisy. There are no oils or ointments nor is it necessary to take off your clothes, as long as they are not too heavy. The masseur performs manipulations that include tractions, stretches and pressures, the latter are practiced mainly with the fingers but also with the knuckles, wrists, palms and elbows. The pressures are deep but are carried out in a gentle and gradual way: they should not cause pain but give relief. The areas on which the masseur works are the back, abdomen, neck, head, arms and legs.

Types of shiatsu massage

There are different types of shiatsu massage that you can request. This practice is constantly evolving, although based on the same concept: the search for the psycho-physical well-being of the person. The types of massage currently best known and practiced are:

  • Namakoshi
  • Masunga or Zen Shiatsu
  • Meiso Shiatsu
  • Serizawa
  • Ohashi

However there are also other treatments based on shiatsu therapy, which are not true styles, rather alternative forms of putting it into practice. For example, there are:

  • self-shiatsu: it is a form of shiatsu that the patient practices on himself on parts of the body that are easily accessible for self-massage, such as the back, neck and shoulders.
  • watsu: shiatsu performed in water that combines the natural action of water and the massage of the therapist to affect in particular blood circulation and posture and mentally

Shiatsu massage: the benefits

In shiatsu massage, the benefits are mainly physical and include relief from joint, neck and muscle tension pain, but also headaches, circulation disorders and eating disorders. However, this practice is also known for its psychological benefits, as it would help relieve states of stress, anxiety and insomnia. Let's see them in detail.

  • It has good effects on anxiety and stress (non-pathological), reduces the typical symptoms of depression because it involves listening to breathing towards its harmonization with the vital rhythms of the body, promoting a state of psychophysical relaxation
  • Shiatsu helps in case of problems related to the head, neck and back, due to incorrect posture or wrong positions during sleep, or it relaxes the joints in case of stiffness and anxiety-inducing contractures due to sports or work activities
  • The benefits of this type of massage also include improving the relationship with others thanks to the newfound sense of balance and serenity that one or more sessions of this type are able to convey to the person

Shiatsu massage for the neck

The shiatsu massage on the neck is particularly effective. Many suffer from neck pain, which among the most common symptoms includes neck stiffness and dizziness. Shiatsu massage aimed at relieving these ailments often involves the use of a bed with a hole for the face, instead of a tatami on the ground, in order to keep the spine aligned. The massage begins with a phase of anamnesis and observation of the posture and breathing of the person, followed by the search for cold areas where the body temperature is lower where therefore the energy does not circulate freely. The next pressure involves stretching and lengthening of the muscle groups: the neck must be treated with great caution and a slight traction, releasing the tension from top to bottom.

Shiatsu treatment: who can't do it

Shiatsu massage is considered safe, even for pregnant women, but as with many other types of massage there are some situations in which it is not advisable to perform it and its execution is contraindicated. In particular, it is contraindicated to undergo this type of massage if the person has one of these conditions:

  • Active skin infections or inflammation and / or wounds (due to direct contact between the masseur and the person)
  • Presence of cardiovascular disorders
  • Recent fractures (massage could cause further damage)
  • Disc herniation in the acute phase
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Liver and / or kidney disorders.
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