Bergamot essential oil, for a wave of optimism

Bergamot essential oil is a hymn to the joie de vivre and positivity. If you feel low and discouraged, your smile will return.

Mint essential oil, for concentration and more

It happens to have moments when you feel disappointed and resigned, in those moments it can be helpful to resort to natural remedies that bring back a good mood, such as bergamot essential oil.

What is bergamot?
Do you know Earl Gray tea? The unmistakable aroma of this tea is given by the oil extracted from the bark of the bergamot, a citrus that being very bitter and acidic, is hardly consumed naturally, while it is used to extract its precious aromatic oil. The bergamot has a spherical shape, green-yellow color, thin skin and pale yellow pulp. Its origins are very ancient and the name seems to derive from the Turkish term "beg armudi", translatable into "pear of the lord". The fruit and its oil are widely used in the kitchen to flavor not only Earl Gray tea, but also candies, liqueurs, candied fruit, sweets and even savory dishes. The antidepressant, antiseptic and antibacterial properties of bergamot essential oil have meant that it was used for healing purposes, as a herbal remedy.

The properties of bergamot essential oil
Bergamot essential oil is indicated in cases where you feel anxious, confused, sad or frightened. Just put a few drops of this oil in the essence diffuser so that the aroma spreads around the room for immediate comfort, vitality and optimism. However, it is not an exciting, but rather has a calming action, so it can also be useful in case of insomnia. Thanks to its antibacterial power, diluted in a massage oil or moisturizer and passed on the skin, it purifies and lightens it, even in the presence of acne. Be careful though: being phototoxic, do not expose yourself to direct sunlight after applying it on the skin, otherwise it can trigger skin sensitization and pigmentation phenomena. Stretched in water, you can also make rinses or washings useful in case of infections and vaginal irritation and gargle to counteract bad breath.

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