Bermuda of desires

Men's fashion: spring summer 2010 trends

Crooked or straight legs, hairless or shaggy calves, slender or elephant ankles: this year every man feels compelled and right to wear Bermuda shorts, regardless of aesthetic details that often torment the other half of the sky.

Announced season must, a sure confirmation also of summer 2010, the short trousers are duty cleared.

It is worn with the polo in weekend version, with the shirt in the office and, for the most fashionable and daring, with the jacket. The young Elkann officially paves the way for the mere mortals: heedless of the classic canons of male elegance, at Pitti Uomo 2009 Lapo ruled on the burino look of gymnasts and vellum wearing the infamous bermuda shorts complete with jacket, suede shoe on bare foot and a nice little hat. Practically a uniform, which the people of the so-called Pitti-buyers did not hesitate to replicate in freak, office, dandy, beach… versions.

Not to mention that on the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week for next summer they have camped bermuda shorts of all shapes and colors, as well as a more timid pant with brim "water in the house" that let glimpse the soft ankles of washed out models.

Apart from fashionist stylists and catwalks, Bermudas are the garment that this season has risen more arrogantly from the closets of Italian males. They, the males, are very happy about it, also because of the global warming, while we women are curious. Sometimes to comment on evil, finding the final result absolutely inelegant, others to appreciate the more casual and informal style. Of course, if many can overlook the fake young effect that the bermuda also offers to the more elderly, few are those to which a pang is spared in front of the combination with lace-up shoe and in leather. To see that Tom Selleck's Magnum P.I.

And what do you think? Is Bermuda an inelegant hazard if worn outside beaches and campsites or is it a fresh alternative to long trousers? Say your own in the comments …

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