Bespoke Jet interior vacuum cleaners: a new look at familiar things

Bespoke Jet interior vacuum cleaners: a new look at familiar things

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner features exceptional suction power, a multi-layer filtration system, a universal charging station and automatic container cleaning, a patented lightweight motor and effective cleaning attachments. The Bespoke Jet collection is available in three colors: emerald, sapphire and pearl.

1. Power

All models are equipped with a digital inverter motor that optimizes airflow and generates suction power of up to 210 W. This ensures effective cleaning results on a variety of surfaces, and thanks to the Jet Cyclone multi-cyclone system, the suction power is maintained even longer.

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2. Easy and efficient cleaning and recharging

The BESPOKE Jet™ station performs several functions at once: it automatically cleans the container, charges and allows you to conveniently store the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the automatic cleaning function, all garbage from the container is transferred to a bag, which after several cleanings can be easily replaced, completely avoiding any contact with dust. In addition, the station retains 99% of fine dust particles, and its antibacterial dust collectors prevent the growth of 99% of bacteria.

3. Design

The design of the Bespoke line is worthy of special attention. A vacuum cleaner together with an automatic cleaning station is a self-contained piece of furniture that can be integrated into almost any space. The colors and textures of the materials make you want not to hide the vacuum cleaner, but, on the contrary, to leave it in plain sight.

The vacuum cleaner has a lightweight design; its body weighs only 1.4 kg. The length of the telescopic tube can be adjusted in three positions depending on the user’s height, this reduces the load on the arms and back during cleaning, and also makes cleaning comfortable for each family member.

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4. Air purification system

The issues of maintaining cleanliness in the house in modern realities have become very important. The pandemic period, various viruses, and allergies contributed to the development of new cleaning technologies. In recent years, many devices have appeared that help maintain cleanliness, humidify and purify indoor air.

Thus, Bespoke Jet models are equipped with a highly efficient filtration system that purifies the air by 99%, removing the smallest dust particles and allergens. There is no need to change cleaning filters, since all parts can be washed with plain water, maintaining the aesthetics and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Now, after cleaning, the air in the house will not only be clean, but also safe.

5. Recognition by the professional community

The Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner has received several awards and certificates. Among them:

  • CES 2021 Innovation Awards for its innovative automatic dust removal system integrated with the charging station;
  • SLG’s highest 5-star rating for its ability to hold 99% of fine dust;
  • Certificate from the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) confirming that the Bespoke Jet is an effective tool in reducing human exposure to dust mites, pollen, and cat and dog hair;
  • UL certified to reduce dust emissions by up to 400 times when emptying the dust bin.