Best apps for recognizing plants and flowers

Best apps for recognizing plants and flowers

Does it seem like an impossible mission to recognize a plant or a flower at first sight? With these plant recognition apps it will be super easy

Have you ever seen a beautiful plant or fragrant flower and wonder what species it was? With the apps for plant recognition, not only can you find out the name of different species of plants and flowers, but you can also find out about the characteristics and the ideal environment for each type! Some apps also have additional features, very useful for those who want to grow a small garden or create a flowered balcony. Let's find out which are the best apps for recognizing plants and flowers.


  • PlantNet Plant Identification
  • Plantsnap
  • FlowerChecker, plant identify
  • Picture this
  • NatureID
  • BioGuide – World Field Guide

PlantNet Plant Identification

It presents itself as one of the main apps for plant recognition and offers a collection, annotation and image search to help the user identify the plant. Behind there is a team effort that relies on scientists from CIRAD, INRA, INRIA, IRD and the Tela Botanica network as part of a project funded by the Agropolis Foundation. PlantNet Plant Identification uses a support system to automatically and instantly identify a plant, through a simple mobile photo. Once the image has been captured, it will be analyzed and compared with others present in a botanical database. If the plant whose name you want to know is present in the database, the name with its salient characteristics will appear.

An app to recognize plants that responds in a pragmatic way to the growing interest in man's approach to nature and that is configured as a constantly growing reality: the number of species present as well as the quantity of images are integrated and updated, so to be able to offer an increasingly complete and effective service. However, the guide tool does not allow for the identification of ornamental or horticultural plants. To have a higher success rate, it will be good to take pictures of the leaves on a homogeneous background.

You can also participate in first person if you can identify a species not yet labeled, by participating in the project via the "contribution" button. Your observation will later be reviewed and evaluated before being confirmed. The app to recognize flowers and plant species to date has more than 10 million downloads and is compatible with Android devices.


The goal of the parent company is more than respectful: wanting to plant 100 million trees by 2021. Each user, by downloading Plantsnap and registering, will contribute to this by having a tree planted. The green-fingered virtual guide is able to accommodate as many as 600,000 plant species from all over the world. It is possible to know 90% of all types of flowers, leaves, trees, succulents, cacti and mushrooms. Furthermore, the content is available in Italian. There are more than 35 million natural world enthusiasts from more than 200 countries who have used the app.

Once the object whose name you want to know has been immortalized, the main information on its taxonomy will be drawn up together with a complete description complete with curiosity. Of course, you can also type the name of a known floor to know its main parameters. You can also create a plant collection that stores all the photos you have taken to give you the opportunity to scroll through them and review their characteristics whenever you want. If you want to see them calmly and on a larger screen perhaps in company, know that the photos saved in the collection are also available on the web. The app has an impressive number of languages ​​available, including Norwegian Bokmål, Dutch, Persian, Polish, Portuguese and more.

FlowerChecker, plant identify

Unlike previous apps to learn about plants, it is paid, and its name is not very well known, although user reviews are particularly positive. With a score of over 4.5, the app is one of the best available on the market. The procedure is always the same: you take the photo on the desired plant or flower, but, according to users, the result is very reliable. Identification does not take place through an automatic computer system, but requires the direct involvement of a team, for this reason the service is subject to a fee. In this case, this is a cost of € 0.70 for each photo taken (1 USD). Once the plant, flower or other has been immortalized, the image is sent directly to industry experts who, after careful analysis, will send you the virtual response.

In the hypothetical case in which the team is not sure of being able to identify the object in question, no costs will be deducted. If you want to take a free trial to check the reliability of the application (available for Android), you are free to take the first shot at no cost and then, if satisfied, purchase the service. If you are wondering how long to wait before receiving the answer from the team of experts, know that this can happen after a few minutes or a few hours, depending on the case. On average, experts are able to resolve 95% of identification requests.

Picture this

Between walks, you can also use Picture this, accurate, fast and just as effective. The app to recognize plants currently counts on users who embrace the requests of over 30,000,000 users to expand their resources in the natural world that is proof of flowers, fruits, trees and more. Have fun shooting among the more than 10 000 identified species. It has a revolutionary recognizer that makes use of an ever-improving artificial intelligence, to embrace an ever-increasing number of plants, provide an ever-increasing quantity and quality and thus satisfy the maximum catchment area.

In addition, there are several features to be discovered, starting with the possibility that you have in receiving suggestions within a community that relies on the experience of specialists in horticulture and horticulture. In addition, take advantage of the tips for caring for your greenery and use the reminder to water when needed. Like other platforms, it can rely on an archive of photos taken and offers the ability to share one's passion with others, using an easy-to-use interface with friendly guides (available for Android 5.0 and later).


Even if the name of the application is flanked by the words "Identify plants, flowers for free!" offers free and paid basic services. The identification will help you focus on more than 10,000 plants, with an accuracy of up to 95%, no matter if it is a leaf, flower or tree. Over time, the algorithm that allows recognition has increasingly satisfied the demands of aspiring green thumbs. A feature that not all gardening apps have is the plant care tip: you get important information for the protection and well-being of your plant friend, providing advice and quantities on water and fertilizers. To ensure that you remember the suggestions, you need a reminder, and here comes another function, which will help you schedule the various activities for nebulising, feeding and watering.

The clinical side is also satisfied: “diagnose a plant” allows you to become aware of the problem afflicting the plant. Immortalized the image that testifies to the symptoms, you will receive tips on how to treat it after understanding what disease it is. In addition, in the end it will be good to trust, in addition to the adequate treatment to be followed, also a cure that can prevent any future ailments. Nature ID is truly an all-round app as you can see, also allowing you to access a blog in which to immerse yourself in green readings signed by industry experts. After a free trial, you can sign up for a subscription. Certainly, such a specific and all-encompassing service, having technicians constantly at work behind it, must require a minimum investment on the part of the user.

If you subscribe to NatureID Premium you can have unlimited access to all features. Subscriptions are billed weekly, monthly or annually, depending on the rate as well as the subscription plan. The subscription is automatically renewed unless you proceed with the deactivation at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Depending on the service or services you want to use, the subscription includes a variable cost range as much as the types of versions available: ranging from a minimum of € 3.49 up to € 65.99.

BioGuide – World Field Guide

Finally, if you are not only captivated by the beauty of plants but of nature in a broader sense, you can rely on the analytical eye developed by the creators of BioGuide – World Field Guide, which at the same time satisfies the identification of plants, flowers and animals. The possibility that allows you to use the application even offline is useful: after the initial download, there is no need for Wi-Fi. BioGuide -World Field Guide responds to users wishing to identify reptiles, birds, mammals, plants, butterflies, amphibians and fungi. You can count on a platform that accommodates 100,000 incredible photos and 1,000 sounds.

You can search by name, region, color, or by animal (by size, diet), plant (type of fruit, flower, growth habits, leaf) or mushroom (shape of the hat and other salient organs). The languages ​​in which it is possible to extrapolate this amount of information is truly sensational considering that to date there are about 30 languages ​​available. You can also get acquainted with all the countries listed from which you can receive information. The app, free for certain functions and paid for others, is compatible with Android 4.0 and later versions and has over 10,000 downloads.

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