Best makeup products 2021 to take with you also in 2022

Best makeup products 2021 to take with you also in 2022

The time has really come to take stock and evaluate which were the best makeup products of 2021 that I will surely take with me also in 2022

In 2021 I had the opportunity to try really many makeup products but, as every year, there are always some that I use for months and months, that conquer me, that I finish and even buy again despite having many others of the same type but of different brand. There are products that you can no longer do without and I have chosen the 10 best makeup products 2021, obviously for me, which I will also use in 2022, I am sure.

My great love with Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka

2021 was certainly the year of the discovery of brown mascara. Since using Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka I hardly use black mascara anymore. I like it because it is as intense as a classic mascara, but it goes better with my green eyes, enhancing the reflections. With more structured makeup it manages to give a defining, lengthening, thickening effect, an excellent volumized effect almost false eyelashes. By applying a little, however, you get a natural effect, perfect for those who prefer soft makeup or want to create a no makeup-makeup.

Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka

Espressoh Intenso Mascara Moka. Price: € 22.00 on

The perfect foundation: Tarte Amazonian Clay 16-Hours Full Coverage Foundation

I started testing Tarte Amazonian Clay 16-Hours Full Coverage Foundation in late summer, when I don’t usually use foundation or color creams, let alone a high coverage foundation. I was really amazed by the texture, almost in mousse, which however blends perfectly on the skin, without friction, going to perfectly even out the complexion with very little product. By applying a little, you get a truly homogeneous base but it blends perfectly with the skin, without creating thickness. If, on the other hand, you want extreme coverage, just layer it or apply it with a brush, for a porcelain skin effect. To try.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 16 hour full coverage foundation

Tarte Amazonian Clay 16-Hours Full Coverage Foundation. Prezzo: 40,90€ su

The blush used continuously: Cosmyfy Be Blushy Basic Gaia

In summer I often tend to use cream products for the face base because I find that they give a fresher and more luminous effect, which goes well with the season. However, I use cream blushes all year round, because they give a finish to the face as if in good health. The Cosmyfy Basic Gaia Be Blushy blushes, in collaboration with Basic Gaia, have rightfully entered my favorites, I use them every day, in particular Loglady for contouring (always in summer!) And Basic Squad. Ah, they last a lifetime, I haven’t finished one yet.

Cosmyfy x Basic Gaia Be Blushy Basic Squad

Cosmyfy Basic Gaia Be Blushy Basic Squad. Prezzo: 11,90€ su

Una cipria famosissima : Nabla Cosmetics Close-Up Smoothing Pressed Powder

This is not really new for 2021 but it is for me, because despite being a very famous and much loved product, I hadn’t tried it yet. I’m talking about Nabla Cosmetics Close-Up Smoothing Pressed Powder, a compact powder that, according to those who have tried it, is perfect on combination and oily skin because it perfectly keeps the shine at bay, without marking. For combination skin I can only confirm, I have been using it for a few months and I think I will continue to buy it back. Light and thin, I apply it with a large brush and I just start polishing in the T-zone after really many hours. On the eye contour it does not mark and not even in the driest areas of the face, approved!

Nabla Cosmetics Close-Up Smoothing Pressd Powder

Nabla Cosmetics Close-Up Smoothing Pressed Powder. Prezzo: 22,00€ su

The ultimate brow product: Mulac Cosmetics Eye, Bro! Eyebrow Tint

I don’t have a good relationship with eyebrows: when I was little I had a sort of unibrow that I ruined forever with tweezers, when very thin eyebrows were in fashion, I was little and I made them myself, not even at the beautician. Now I find myself with sparse eyebrows, full of holes and above all I miss the initial part, near the nose. Mulac Cosmetics Eye, Bro! Eyebrow Tint is a product that turns the eyebrow situation around me, because it is a tint but with a built-in brush, which makes everything easier and faster. By unloading the brush well you can draw the hairs for a more natural effect, otherwise with more product you can get a more defined effect. Then I comb with a pipe cleaner to make everything more nuanced and natural.

Mulac Cosmetics Eye, Bro! Eyebrow Tint

Mulac Cosmetics Eye, Bro! Eyebrow Tint. Prezzo: 16,90€ su

I’ve always talked about it: Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo Arrow # 7

You will have come to boredom this product because I have talked about it and talked about it and I have shown it in I do not know how many videos. Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo is an automatic creamy pencil, my favorite color is undoubtedly Arrow # 7, a reddish brown that brings out the green of my eyes, that’s why I love it so much. In reality, however, I use all the shades I have, because you can get easy and very quick makeup just by drawing a line of shaded eyeliner or using them as real cream eyeshadows. Not to mention how easy they are to use as a base for intense and vibrant smokey eyes.

Nabla Cosmetics Cupid's Arrow Longwear Stylo

Nabla Cosmetics Cupid’s Arrow Longwear Stylo Arrow #7. Prezzo: 15,90€ su

A multipurpose colored palette: Mulac Cosmetics Un-Connected Palette

If I have to choose which palette to take with me in 2022, among the colored palettes I would absolutely say the Mulac Cosmetics Un-Connected Palette. I find it really original in the choice of colors, with extra touches and more neutral tones but, above all, really well balanced. There are cool colors like gray and black, lighter and darker warm browns and reddish, warm metallics and dark metallics, blues, duochrome, pinks, yellows, purples. In short, it is really possible to create any type of look, from the most natural to the most colorful, from a matte total look to a super bright one, from cold makeup to hot makeup, putting everyone in agreement.

Mulac Cosmetics Un-Connected Palette. Price: € 39.90 on

Palette Nabla Cosmetics various and possible, difficult to choose

This isn’t a real specific favorite and maybe I’m cheating a bit, because doing so are a lot more than 10 products. Among my favorite palettes of all time, also reconfirmed this year, there are the Nabla Cosmetics palettes. The ones I use the most are perhaps the Cutie Palettes, because they are small, versatile and with color combinations that make it easy and immediate to create various makeup. Compact, they are perfect to take on the road, just insert a couple to have an excellent range of shades, between brighter and more neutral, cooler or warmer colors. The mattes are easy to blend but the highlight perhaps are all the top coat or brilliant textures, some look like molten metal, really crazy.

Even the larger or medium versions of the palettes, however, I use them constantly, for example the Dreamy Palette is a must have also for work, to make up brides, while with the Poison Garden I have created particular shaded eyeliner or even with the Secret Garden a Halo Smokey Eyes peacock and raspberry that I still really like today.

Nabla Cosmetics Cutie Palette

Nabla Cosmetics Cutie Palette. Price: € 23.50 on

The must-have lip plumper: Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper

The Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper was given to me for my birthday in 2020 and I still use it often and willingly today because I find it a versatile product, with a wonderful effect on the lips. It is a volumizer, so you can apply it, let it act and then remove it and make up your lips as you prefer, obtaining a plump effect and larger lips, the effect lasts for a few hours. But it is also an amazing gloss and I will tell you that this is how I use it most frequently. I have very clear lips and this product, by getting more blood to the mucous membranes, gives me a beautiful natural pink color, covering the mouth with a thick and bright gloss but not sticky or with an unpleasant effect.

Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper

Nabla Cosmetics Viper Lip Plumper. Price: € 18.90 on

Two of my favorite lipsticks: We Makeup Ever Liquid Lipstick Camihawke Borghese & Umile

I cannot but bring with me in 2021 also two lipsticks of the heart, We Makeup Ever Liquid Lipstick Camihawke Umile and Borghese. Partly because I’m a big fan of Camihawke, partly because I’m a huge fan of Camihawke, partly because in general I’m a big make of We Makeup’s Ever Liquid Lipstick. Easy to apply thanks to the shape of the flocked applicator that wraps the lips, the formula is soft, dries quickly and long-lasting. Download the product well because they are highly pigmented liquid lipsticks, very little is enough and they perfectly resist lunches, dinners and banquets, without drying the lips and easily removing make-up with a biphasic.

WeMakeup Ever Liquid Lipstick Camihawke Borghese Umile

Wemakeup Ever Liquid Lipstick Camihawke Bourgeois and Humble. Price: € 15.00 on

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