Better to have one of these signs in your group – they are everyone’s moms!

Have you ever met one of the zodiac signs that are everyone’s moms? They always have a handkerchief, a band-aid and some water in their bag for you too.

It would really be a shame if you didn’t have one of the Zodiac signs that are in today’s ranking in yours circle from friends or knowledge.
But because these zodiac signs are people who always care about everything and everyone and that do almost from “moms” to the others.
Ready to find out if you are also in the ranking?

The zodiac signs that are like moms: here is today’s ranking

Tell us the truth: is there or isn’t there a “mom” in your group of friends?

zodiac signs like moms

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Today we decided to talk about a very particular horoscope ranking.
That of Zodiac signs that I’m like mom for the friends around them: for sure, now that you think about it better, you too have a “mom” among your friends!
They always have water or a band-aid in their bag, they gladly listen to everyone’s complaints and are always ready to offer a shoulder to cry on.

Hey, aren’t you just like that too?
Let’s find out immediately if you are in the ranking of zodiac signs that are just like moms!

Taurus: fifth place

Those born under the sign of Bull I am one strange mix of maternal attitude and completely destructive attitude.

With his friends, in fact, i Bull they are extremely critical, sometimes almost too sharp and decidedly angular. They are capable of treating you terribly, telling you exactly what they think in your face manner more brutal.
On the other hand, however, i Bull they are always there for you and will always be there in the future. They are a sign that she has a big heart and that she never stops bleeding: just like a mom!

Pisces: fourth place

We have often said that those born under the sign of Fish they can be a little distracted and focused on themselves and their goals.

Although this is true, it must also be considered that those born under the sign of Fish they are generally extremely affectionate and maternal people.
With whom they want, that’s for sure!
Have a friend of the Fish it means having a friend who, often, is always there for you just like a mother would be. And, then, they always have a handkerchief in their bag and are always ready to help you be the best you can. They can’t wait, indeed!

Libra: third place

Also there Weight scale it is a sign that can easily be considered truly maternal towards others.

We have often said that the Weight scale it is a sign that tends to want to please everyone and that, for this reason, is really too diplomatic, to the point of becoming almost false.
Actually the Weight scale she is often focused on others so much that she almost becomes a mother. Everyone goes to them for solutions and she goes to great lengths in this role until, perhaps, sometimes she exaggerates even a little!

Aquarius: second place

For the Aquarius it is easy to be regarded as a mom. They are always (and when we say always we really mean always) ready to get busy for other people!

By default, in fact, the Aquarius they are people who make themselves available to all those they love (and, to be honest, even to those who do not know very well).
A Aquarius he is always ready to lead, to help and even to criticize just as a mother could do with her children.
They are always there, always determined to ensure that everything goes for the best also and above all for the others.
For them it is important to help and they do it with anyone: it takes little to start depending on their way of doing!

Cancer: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that are like moms

Yes, dear Cancerians, you are at the top of today’s ranking!
Of course, this won’t be a complete surprise for you (at least we hope). After all, you are also present in the ranking of best zodiac signs to have as a mom in general … you are really good!

Whether or not you want to be a parent (and, if you really want to know, you can try our test of maternal sentiment), you Cancers can’t do without it.
You like being a mom to everyone else!
That’s why you Cancers often have a cohort of friends who treat you just as if you were their mom.
In addition to having the proverbial handkerchief, water bottle and patch in your bag, you Cancers are always there for others.