Beverly Hills, new mourning: actor Brian Turk died

New mourning for Beverly Hills fans 90210: Brian Turk, actor of the series, died

The Beverly Hills TV series has been struck by a new loss. In fact, in these hours the fans have received terrible news: actor Brian Turk is dead.

Smiling and gentle, as his colleagues described him, he had acted on the show in 1995, playing Tiny. For some time he had been fighting a brain cancer that forced him to leave the entertainment world. Brian was only 49 years old and was very much loved by Beverly Hills fans 90210. The artist's manager was the one to break the news, publishing a message on a page created to support the family in this difficult time.

"Just over a year ago our dear friend Brian Turk was diagnosed with cancer – his spokesman wrote a few days ago -. Being the selfless and reserved person he is, Brian kept quiet so as not to worry about his family and friends. Unfortunately, cancer has become terminal. Brian has had a positive impact on many of us, he has always been there for us in our moments of need and celebration ".

Then a new post in which the death of the actor from Beverly Hills was announced on the page: "Unfortunately Brian died Friday morning due to complications of his cancer – reads -. Continue to share this Go Fund Me and we will send the funeral agreements once they are finalized. Thank you for your continued support of the Turk family. "

Brian Turk had also starred in other TV series besides Beverly Hills, including NCSI, General Hospital and American Pie. Fans of the Los Angeles-based show never forgot it. A cruel fate reserved for the actor who shares it with Luke Perry.

The Beverly Hills 90210 Dylan disappeared on March 4th due to a stroke at just 52 years of age, leaving a huge void in the lives of colleagues and friends. To remember him in the best way Shannen Doherty agreed to join the cast of the reboot of the show he had initially refused.

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