Beware, if you buy these goods and services you may have nasty surprises

beni servizi costano di più

What are the goods and services that have suffered the most from price increases and therefore cost more today? Here is the complete list and know that you may have some nasty surprises.

Have you ever wondered which goods and services are most affected by high prices? Well, if you’ve never done that someone else thought of it for you.

goods and services cost more

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The National Consumers Union (Unc) in fact, it has drawn up a ranking of price increases based on Istat data.

There are assets that have grown as much as 160% from last year, which means that some assets have more than doubled.

And this in itself justifies the difficulties in which many families have been experiencing for some time now.

But what exactly are the goods and services that cost the most? Here is the complete ranking.

Here is the ranking of goods and services that cost the most today

At the top of the ranking of the goods that cost the most we find international flights, as can be seen from list drawn up by the National Consumers Union (Unc).

goods and services cost more

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They are the protagonists of what was said about: their price has increased by 160% compared to a year ago.

This constitutes a real record, to which we must add the flight cancellations, delays, continuous strikes that have been occurring throughout Europe for some time now.

And about food goods? We know very well that the high price also concerns raw materials and at the top we find olive oil, increased by 66%. The cause? The war in Uraina. The result? An expense per family increased by 16.08 euros.

It follows butter, the cost of which has increased by 31.9%, which means almost 9 euros more (precisely 8.92 euros).

Closes the podium flour, increased by 21.5%, which equates to € 8.72. Who does the wooden medal go to? To pasta, increased by 21.1%, which translated means 26.92 euros more per family.

They follow rice and margarine, respectively increased by 18.8% and 18.7%, then ice creams, the cost of which increased by 18.2% and preserved milk, which costs 15.9% more than before.

It’s still, we find immediately after the chicken – which among the types of meat is the one that has undergone the highest increase ever – which costs 15.7% more than before (ie we are talking about 36.32 euros more for each family on average). To follow we find the eggs, the cost of which increased by 13.8% equal to 10.30 euros.

How can we see, foodstuffs make up a huge part of the expensive prices.

Just think that, alone, they cost a minimum of € 564 per year to families and this sum can reach almost 800 euros if we consider a family unit consisting of at least 4 people (for example, parents and two children).

Just think that only fruit – which in itself does not seem to have suffered who knows how much these increases, since it is below all the foods mentioned – costs 8.4% more and alone determines an increase of more than 43 euros per family.

And we cannot forget then electricity, increased by 85.3%, diesel oil for heating, the cost of which increased by 52.5%.

And then let’s not forget private means of transport, the cost of which has increased by 38.6%, diesel for means of transport, which costs almost 31% more (30.9% precisely) and domestic flights, of which you can take advantage by spending 26.9% more than a year ago.

In the last positions – but this does not mean that the increase is insignificant – we find the supports with sound recordings, which cost 23.3% more than before, gasoline, increased by 22.3%, garage rents , car and rental spaces, which increased by 19.5%.

In any case, here are the real effects of inflation on our lives.

Now, however, it is clear that the goods and services that have increased are so many and some were really unsuspected.

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