Beyoncé out of shape binges in Portofino. Other than salad

Beyoncé out of shape binges in Portofino. Other than salad

The summer of the VIPs

If for us mere mortals is already over, the summer of VIPs continues. It is Beyonce's turn on vacation in Portofino with her husband Jay-Z. The star, a lover of good food, does not give up on a nice plate of pasta. Long live spaghetti! Finally a good fork that doesn't just eat salad.

The shots of Maria Rosaria Rossi, senator from Forza Italia and extraordinary administrator of the party, photographed for the first time in a bathing suit at the sea with her son, made a sensation. In the photos, released exclusively taken on the Lazio coast, Maria Rosaria Rossi first wears a San Gallo see-and-see lace cover-up, then unwittingly does a striptease in the water and remains in a bathing suit before wrapping herself in a towel.

Portofino is a VIP destination par excellence. Here Afef walks with a blue kaftan and without lingerie … A little aged for such a risky choice! Giorgio Armani is instead in Saint Tropez and on the pier he seems more of a local fisherman, certainly not a great designer. Federica Nargi is in Sperlonga together with Costanza Caracciolo, for her last day of vacation. Always beautiful Bar Refaeli, on vacation in Mykonos with the new boyfriend Adi Ezra …

Also in Portofino, the Countess Pinina Garavaglia was spotted in its narrow streets, taking a walk in the Piazzetta in Portofino. The total white look (including manicures and pedicures!) Is really a bit risky for a woman of her age …

A multitude of stars of the show passed through Ischia for various events and awards for the Global Awards, including the winner Paolo Virzì for the film 'Human capital', who arrived at Regina Isabella with his wife Micaela Ramazzoti and his two children in tow: Anna and Jacopo

Certainly, Portofino is one of the favorite destinations of our local celebs. In these days Federica Moro has been spotted who last spring had made us worry about the excessive thinness. Paparazzi surprised her without makeup. Eyes drawn, eyes frowning: the former Miss Italy is unrecognizable, although, we must admit, it does not show its 49 years. Especially, now that she has taken a few pounds and is back in shape, as shown by the leggings that enhance the tonic B side.

And in Portofino there is also SuperSimo with his beloved Gerò. La Ventura showed off the line found after following a protein diet wearing a light dress decorated with butterflies. Too bad, however, for the make up. SuperSimo is wrong to put on blush and creates a purple effect.

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