Beyoncé, the diet that made her lose 20 pounds after giving birth

Beyoncé, the diet that made her lose 20 pounds after giving birth

Thanks to the 22 Days Nutrion program, the pop star managed to get back in shape in a short time after the twin birth of 2017

Regaining physical fitness after childbirth is a pain for many women. Among these there is also Beyoncé, who managed to lose 20 kg in a short time after pregnancy which, in 2017, made her the mother of the twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

Queen B, who had weighed 98 kg and no longer recognized herself in her body, managed to get back in shape and amaze the world with an extraordinary performance during the 2018 edition of the Coachella Festival. All this happened less than a year after the birth of her babies, who came into the world on 13 June 2017 following a very difficult birth.
What is the secret of this super slimming? The 22 Days Nutrition, a program that the singer talks about extensively also on her official website. This diet is associated with specific daily workouts, which have been followed by the pop star for 44 days.

On the official website of Queen B, who has decided to take all the steps of her remise en forme by making a real documentary, 22 Days Nutrion is spoken of as a "path based on the principle of creating healthy habits embracing a lifestyle vegetable".
The creator of the regime in question is Marco Borges, personal trainer, author of a best seller dedicated precisely to the path and signature of the New York Times. According to his scheme, the more the foods consumed are similar to their condition in nature, the better. In this way, according to Borges, it is possible to appreciate advantages regarding physical energy, sleep quality and mood.

The other guidelines include eating three conscious meals a day, which means eating calmly, avoiding distractions and focusing on the body's reactions. Dinner should be made at least two hours before bedtime.
According to the 22 Days Nutrion method followed by Beyoncé for her postpartum diet, it is essential to divide the nutrients as follows: 80% carbohydrates, 10% fat, 10% protein. Very important, as can be seen from the material published by the pop star on his site, is also physical activity, which should be carried out for at least 30 minutes a day. Lastly, the elimination of the so-called "liquid calories" from carbonated drinks and tea must be remembered. The main point of reference for hydration must in fact be water.

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