Bianca Atzei with the summer denim outfit conquers the concert and beyond

In the summer, the only denim garment we can conceive is short and is used mostly as a beach outfit. A long jeans, albeit light and light, is less common but if we focus on particular models, perhaps with glitter (such as those chosen by Bianca Atzei) then we will have no rivals.

Matching tops and jeans are perfect for a concert but, luckily, you don’t need to sing on stage to recreate the Milanese artist’s look. Bianca Atzei made it even more beautiful by being pregnant with her first child (from the comedian and correspondent of Le Iene Stefano Corti).

Complete with jeans for Bianca Atzei 31-8-22

Source: Canva.

The talented singer’s top and jeans are sexy, retro and comfortable, which never hurts. Let’s see how to copy it.

Bianca Atzei shows herself rebellious and proud in a total jeans look

The low rise straight jeans in cotton blend with heat applied rhinestones on the front and rips on the knees of Asos Design Petite (25.25 euros, already discounted by 59%) are casual and very bright. Bianca's baby bump on rhinestone jeans 31-8-22

Source: Instagram.

Better with a high-heeled sandal rather than a sneakers but a lot will also depend on the choice of the top.

Another idea, more autumnal, are the high-waisted black jeans by Na-Kd. In perfect Kate Moss style, they should be worn with black boots with a tank sole for a more grunge effect. They cost € 78.95.

jeans with rhinestones 31-8-22

Source: Pinterest.

Regarding the top, the most basic choice is the one proposed by Zara. In light jeans, in the shape of a corset (therefore strapless) it costs 22.95 euros. If you have small breasts and want to show more volume, this is one of the simplest and most effective solutions.

The light denim top by Bershka (on sale on Asos for € 25.99) has a romantic heart shape and criss-cross closure with thin, adjustable straps on the back. To get the light effect like our today’s VIP, you can add (above) one of the nylon mesh sweaters and light points, very fashionable in this summer 2022.

The green – silver low-cut top, with straps and v-neck on the front is in metallic fabric and closes with laces on the back. The cropped length makes it perfect with a pair of light skinny jeans. Created by Subduedcosts 35 euros.

Another well-known face of Mediaset (Bianca took part in the Isola dei Famosi in 2018) is Ellen Hidding, a lover of casual looks, both beautiful and made are like us, they cultivate styles according to their personality.

Silvia Zanchi