Bianca Guaccero back on the set after the holidays and waiting for Detto Fatto

Bianca Guaccero back on the set after the holidays and waiting for Detto Fatto

Bianca Guaccero is on the set of "Il Medico della Mala", the new Rai fiction. But his fans ask when "Detto Fatto" will start again

Bianca Guaccero, Detto Fatto 2019-2020: look and curiosity

The multifaceted Bianca Guaccero is back on the set: after a regenerating vacation that she spent with the affection of friends and family in Puglia, her homeland, the actress is back to work, more precisely in the fiction Il Medico della Mala, Rai series expected for 2021.

The talented Bianca posted on Instagram a photo of her with her new smooth bob and an unbuttoned shirt, simply writing “Good day everyone”. Guaccero, therefore, is busy filming this new TV series together with actor Marco Bocci and director Cinzia Torrini who achieved extraordinary success with Sorelle and who is remembered for directing the magnificent fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa.

In recent years, Guaccero has worn more the role of the presenter than those of the actress, but in the past she has been the protagonist of many successful fictions such as Benedetti dal Signore, La taxi driver, Capri, Never love stories in the kitchen, La third truth, The Enzo Tortora case, as long as it ends well.

Bianca is not only an actress, but also a singer: in many shows she presented, including the recent Una storia da cantare conducted with Enrico Ruggeri, Guaccero showed her singing skills and her interpretative skills. Not surprisingly, in 2015 he participated in Tale and Which Show, the talent show hosted by Carlo Conti, in which he bewitched the entire audience with his performances and imitations.

In short, Bianca is a real woman of a thousand talents, which is why it would be incorrect to try to box her in just one role; fans, however, are also waiting to see her again on TV with the new season of Detto Fatto, which is slow in coming. There are many comments under the actress's social posts where she is asked when the beloved program will start again, which for a short time had also moved to Instagram due to the health emergency.

There is no precise date yet, but it would seem that the Rai Due afternoon show will return to keep company with its viewers only in October, in order to make room for the very popular Giro d’Italia.

Bianca Guaccero

Bianca Guaccero on the new set of “Il Medico della Mala” – Source: Instagram

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