Bianca Guaccero, Detto Fatto makes sparks and Jonathan embarrasses her

Bianca Guaccero

Bianca Guaccero is back on TV with "Detto Fatto" and in the first episode she sparkles, between comic gags and a new look

Bianca Guaccero on Instagram: simply gorgeous

Bianca Guaccero is back on TV with a new edition of Detto Fatto, between comic moments, emotion and the strong feeling with Jonathan. After a long stop, the presenter is finally back at the helm of the factual show in better shape than ever. In front of the cameras she showed off a new look, with a chic and cheeky haircut, and showed herself smiling and happy.

After replacing Caterina Balivo, who switched to Rai Uno with Come to Me and now on the hunt for new projects, Bianca Guaccero has made Detto Fatto her own, transforming it. The new edition brings a breath of fresh air, with the aim of giving a little lightness. Alongside the presenter, the most beloved faces of the cast, from Carla Gozzi to Jonathan Kashanian up to Gianpaolo Gambi, including comic gags, advice and moments of reflection. Bianca appeared full of energy and happy to be back on TV.

As always, the Superclassifica Jon space dedicated to gossip and show business characters, offered laughter and funny moments. Jonathan presented a ranking with the TV sex symbols, including Giancarlo Magalli. A video from the past was shown on the screen in which the conductor of Your Facts is doused with oil. "I have no words! Congratulations Giancarlo especially for the oil ", commented Guaccero and her colleague took the opportunity to tease her. “But why are you doing this? Does Magalli poke you? Is that your thing? […] Ask yourself why you are single if you like guys like Magalli, who sell like hot cakes ”. Bianca tried to restore order in the studio, embarrassed: "It is the first episode we try to reach until May," he said.

A crackling start to the season for Guaccero who managed, one episode after another, to win over the public with her joy. "I tiptoed into a show that had another identity, linked to another person who had conducted it in an excellent way – he confessed shortly before the episode on FanPage -. Not being a presenter by profession, I tried to bring my artistic baggage. In the second year there was a total cast change and we needed to find the right balance, but Covid has effectively dismembered Detto Fatto, we have not been able to work with serenity. This year I want to find my identity completely, the chrysalis must become a butterfly ".

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