Bianca Guaccero Freewheel tells how Pronto Detto Fatto was born

Bianca Guaccero Freewheel tells how Pronto Detto Fatto was born

A freewheel guest, Bianca Guaccero told of the success of Pronto Detto Fatto and the moment she is experiencing

Actress, dancer, singer and presenter: Bianca Guaccero, an all-round artist, was a guest of today's episode of Da Noi … a Ruota Libera. Francesca Fialdini, from her studies in Rome, welcomed the presenter colleague, obviously in connection from her home.

Despite the suspension of her Detto Fatto program, Bianca Guaccero has moved to Instagram to keep company with her audience: Pronto Detto Fatto was born, the show that airs via social media on the official program profile every Monday, Wednesday and Friday , and which accompanies the afternoons of the fans with tutorials and links with many guests:

We changed and we had to adapt to this difficult moment and I wanted to do this experiment from the first day, in order not to abandon the viewers, having the support of the whole network. This project is giving us great satisfaction, and we have the aim of ripping a smile: lightness and light-heartedness have an enormous value in this situation.

Version 2.0 of the broadcast is enjoying great success, also sparking gossip, first about an alleged flirtation between the presenter and the footballer Adil Rami, then also with the singer-songwriter Fabrizio Moro. Without forgetting the rumors about the possible cancellation of her Detto Fatto program: Guaccero had to deny live rumors, reassuring her fans.

Fialdini also asked her colleague how her particular period is spending and how her daughter Alice is experiencing it:

I am working hard even if we are closed in the house: I haven't seen my family since Christmas, I miss my parents to death, my worries immediately went to them. To my daughter I made this whole situation look like a game, almost a video game, against this bad little monster, and the only strategy we have is to stay at home. In the end I also promised her a final prize: when everything is over I will have to take her to Disneyland!

Then Bianca ended her chat with Fialdini with a reflection, and with the wish to embrace again soon live:

At this moment, closed in our homes, we are forced to think: what comes out is the character of each of us, the extraordinary power of solidarity, and there are those who are doing well by doing good to others. I think this love that is in circulation is one of the "medicines" that are needed to go on right now.

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