Bianca Guaccero in great shape, the dance on Tik Tok conquers

Bianca Guaccero in gran forma, la danza su Tik Tok conquista

Gorgeous as always, Bianca Guaccero enchants all fans with a social ballet

For Bianca Guaccero it's time for holidays: at the beach, in the company of her friends and her little Alice, the presenter gives herself days of relaxation and fun after a long working season. One of his latest fan surprises? A ballet on Tik Tok that has bewitched everyone.

Bianca Guaccero and two of her best friends went wild in a social dance that, in a few moments, was full of likes. Beautiful with a shocking pink one-piece swimsuit, the presenter sports a perfect physique and enchants her followers, moving sinuously in time with one of the catchphrases that are depopulating this summer on Tik Tok. Even the location of the ballet leaves everyone breathless: by the pool, in a place surrounded by nature. Bianca returned to Puglia for the holidays, enjoying the warmth and beauty of her native land.

On the other hand, he had announced it during the last episode of Detto Fatto, when in greeting the audience she had melted into tears thinking about the family she hadn't seen for many months. As soon as she finished her work commitments, Bianca Guaccero packed her bags and, together with her daughter Alice, flew to her beloved Puglia, finally ready to leave a difficult TV season behind her.

Indeed, it is rumored that this summer brought new love to the host's door. Single for some time now, in recent months Guaccero had revealed that she was ready to dive into a new sentimental adventure – being cautious, of course, because in the first place there is always the well-being of her little girl. Why not? – rediscover once again the joys of motherhood. In the last few days, fans have been raging in searching for social clues that could make one suspect the arrival of the long-awaited Prince Charming.

What is certain is that for Guaccero an autumn full of surprises and commitments is expected: it has already been reconfirmed at the helm of Detto Fatto, even if the transmission should slip a few weeks to make way for the Giro d'Italia 2020. And perhaps precisely for this reason the presenter is enjoying every single moment of her Apulian holiday, with her mind already projected to a new season of television hits.

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