Bianca Guaccero melancholy on Instagram, confessions about her single life

Bianca Guaccero melancholy on Instagram, confessions about her single life

The presenter of Detto Fatto dedicates an important message of encouragement and reveals sides of herself never seen before

Bianca Guaccero shared a melancholy message on Instagram: the conductor of Detto Fatto has dedicated herself to the important words that tell how she is living her single life.

I will understand that I have found love when I no longer feel alone. Even if I can do it alone. Which is not true that I always make it.

Bianca's intimate reflection came after many of her followers pointed out that she had seen her a little sad in the last episodes of her talk on Rai 2. The presenter, although she was always very beautiful, elegant and prepared, she probably found herself in the words of her fans.

And so, with his melancholy words, the artist expressed his idea about the search for love, making it clear that very often she feels alone.

Bianca Guaccero has been single for about three years. After the end of her marriage with the director Dario Acocella, which lasted from 2013 to 2017, her only love is their daughter, Alice.

I am single, but I have a very relaxed approach to the matter. I live the present and the future I build it with the pieces that I add day after day to the mosaic of my life. I have become more fatalistic, I don't make plans. I am more free-headed and I have no expectations that, if disregarded, would make me feel bad. And then I have the purest love next to me: my daughter.

The host, as stated to Gente, still has good relations with her ex-husband and, currently, there seem to be no other men in her life, even after her colleague and friend Jonathan Kashanian has revealed the interest of the footballer Adil Rami for her , sparking the gossip about a possible relationship between the two.

This is not the first time that Bianca Guaccero has let herself go to social media considerations. In fact, about a month ago she confessed with an open heart about her desire to find the Prince Charming.

We can therefore only wish her to find her soulmate and fulfill her wishes. Meanwhile, who knows if, after the tight courtship of Adil Rami, something will change in the near future.

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