Bianca Guaccero, the indignation on Instagram for the alleged illness

"Bianca Guaccero sick?" She categorically denies and on Instagram she expresses all her anger against disrespect

Bianca Guaccero at Said Done

Bianca Guaccero sick? She is not there and expresses her indignation on her Instagram profile.

The presenter of Detto Fatto gave an interview to the weekly magazine Who reported about the panic attacks she suffered from as a girl:

I stifled my emotions, suffering from panic attacks. Today if something hurts me I say it.

A very delicate problem that has been transformed into the "disease from which Bianca Guaccero suffered". The presenter decided to reply to the false information with this post which is an outlet against exploitation:

Once again manipulation of truth. What a punishment I deny. I suffered from panic attacks at 14 YEARS. It is not a disease, it is a delicate issue that deserves RESPECT. Especially for those who still suffer from it. The real disease is not realizing anything anymore. It is coldness in interhuman relationships. It's hatred. It is slamming half-truths on the front page, using others to make sensationalism. We remain human. (If we still manage) I'll pass and close.

Bianca's followers rushed to support her:

You are a wonderful woman, nothing else to add.

It's still:

I understand you … I am close to you … It takes more female solidarity … Because our children do not suffer all this … Because nobody is immune to panic .. Because .. We must not be intimidated by the man who still today .. Exploits situations .. slime .. People. That not only are better .. But they do it x pure envy … In the meantime I have eliminated .. A bit of ugly people .. But visibly ugly .. Because they are the worst .. The beauty .. It doesn't last .. I don't fuck … today I think so … Good and great you …

In the interview with Chi, Guaccero touched on other delicate moments in her life, such as the separation from her husband Dario Acocella:

After the separation I prefer to go slowly in love. This time I would like to make the right choice. After the end of the story between me and Dario I spent the darkest period of my life.

But this hesitation does not mean that the desire to build a family and have another child is exhausted. Indeed, Bianca has a little girl, Alice, born from her marriage to Acocella.

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