Bianca Guaccero, the photo of the shoe collection on Instagram is envious

Bianca Guaccero

Bianca Guaccero, the queen of "Detto Fatto" has opened the doors of her changing room: a riot of shoes on Instagram that appeals to everyone

Bianca Guaccero opened the doors of her “changing room” and, we must admit, she literally left us speechless. Gorgeous and in great shape as always, the presenter of Detto Fatto this time shared on Instagram a shot (two, in the stories) that showcases a collection of shoes to be truly envied.

Heels of all kinds, colors and models: from the classic décolleté, a must in every woman's wardrobe, to spring and summer sandals, perfect to show off with dresses, sheath dresses and longuette. A riot of heels for the beloved Rai face.

The look she shows off in the post and in the “wardrobe” stories does not go unnoticed. In that cascade of heels, her black dress stands out, highlighting the prosperous décolleté, accompanied by a sober and elegant hairstyle with a simple chignon that enhances the features of the face. How not to notice, then, the shoes worn by the presenter: ivory-colored (square) heels, with a precious ankle strap. Simply divine.

Bianca Guaccero on social media is a true force of nature. A woman with a Mediterranean and disarming beauty who over time has collected a bevy of followers not only thanks to her style, but also because of her sympathy and overwhelming self-irony. Just browse her Instagram profile to admire her in the Rai studios where she leads Detto Fatto, now a second home, but also struggling with her favorite activities.

Guaccero from time to time gets in the kitchen to bake cakes and so on, always keeping an eye on the line that she maintains flawlessly by dedicating herself to physical activity. And again the passion for the sea – as an Apulian test tube as it is – and of course that for his beloved daughter Alice, born from the marriage with the director Dario Acocella. The two had met on the set of the fiction Capri, then they were engaged for four years and, finally, they were married for as many years.

As Bianca herself reiterated, the separation was a dark and difficult moment. But the queen of Detto Fatto is an energetic woman, who has been able to make her weaknesses her strong point. And now she is more beautiful than ever.

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