Bianca Guaccero, the return to TV with Detto Fatto is still uncertain

bianca guaccero

The fate of the "Detto Fatto" program is still unknown after the suspension following the shopping tutorial

Bianca Guaccero on Instagram: simply gorgeous

The fate of Detto Fatto is not yet known, the broadcast conducted by Bianca Guaccero which was scheduled in the schedule of Rai 2 from Monday to Friday from 14.55. A tense declined in the past because after the shopping tutorial, which aroused very strong reactions and the presenter's apologies, the broadcast was suspended.

At the moment the resumption of the program is not yet foreseen on the Rai schedule, which today, Monday 30 November at that time, will broadcast the film Il Gioco dell'illusione, but according to what is written on Il Tempo it could return to air the first week of December, or – as Tv Blog writes – after the Immaculate Conception. And, again according to what is written on the site, with some changes. However, the conduct of Bianca Guaccero should be confirmed, while according to what is reported by the site, the head of the structure and the authors of the program could change for both Rai and Endemol, the external production company with which it is made.

The presenter in a long post on Instagram had expressed her opinion on what happened: "I am a woman, a single mother, who fights every day for what she believes in … especially in the defense of the category I represent … the woman … I have always worked proposing of myself an image very far from that of the woman as an object … trying to break down any wall of prejudice and machismo … but I am the host of a program, I take part of the responsibility for what happened. Apologizing to everyone, for the superficiality with which this situation was handled by our entire team ”.

She wrote, adding: “I am sure of the good faith of the authorial group that has been working for months, trying to put together, with great effort, a dignified and cheerful program despite all the difficulties of the pandemic situation we are experiencing. The tutorial in question had to adhere to some comical and surreal tones, not to be taken seriously, but this time we got it wrong. So I apologize on behalf of my whole team, to all those people who have felt affected by this sad curtain. As I have always done in my life, I will do my best so that this never happens again ”.

Detto Fatto started in 2013, this is the ninth edition of the broadcast.

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