Bicarbonate, why put a small jar in the closet

Bicarbonate, why put a small jar in the closet

A quick and easy remedy to combat humidity and bad odors in the closet at home and protect clothes

It can often happen that when we open the wardrobe to choose the clothes to wear, we notice a closed smell whose origin we do not know well to explain but which we then easily find on our clothes. To prevent this annoying smell, however, there are some simple tricks that everyone can follow and that allow you to eliminate it from the closet, such as the jar of baking soda.

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Baking soda: the remedy that eliminates odors from the closet

Very often humidity lurks in our wardrobes and drawers: sometimes it can be so intense as to favor the appearance of mold. A garment that has not been dried properly and placed in the wardrobe can generate, for example, that annoying smell of mold and stuffiness. For this reason it is important to first dry the laundry properly (preferring the outside if possible) and to keep the wardrobe clean and tidy. If even so, however, that annoying smell continues to persist, you can resort to a natural and low-cost remedy: sodium bicarbonate.

Just take a container, preferably a box in which you can prick the upper part with a pin (to prevent the baking soda from escaping) and place it in a corner of the wardrobe. Alternatively, you can choose from the supermarket those boxes that have the powder directly inside (and not in the paper package).

When the box placed in the closet has swollen, it means that it needs to be changed. This happens because the bicarbonate absorbs the molecules responsible for the bad smell and in this way eliminates them. To enhance the effectiveness of baking soda, it is also possible to place a box of coarse salt in the cupboard (always with holes in the upper part). This absorbent power of baking soda is not only effective in wardrobes, but throughout the house: seeing is believing!

How to prevent the smell of closed in closets

To prevent the formation of the unpleasant closed smell in the closets, there are some precautions to pay attention to. First of all, regular cleaning of the wardrobes is essential: only in this way, in fact, is it possible to prevent the proliferation of bacteria by giving a breath of freshness even to the garments. It is also necessary to check the pockets: sometimes, in fact, without realizing it we put our clothes in the closet and we do not realize that we have leftover food in the pockets. The small crumbs, however, favor the formation of bacteria. In addition, it is a good idea to remove any carpets or wallpapers inside the wardrobes, since they risk trapping moisture, favoring the persistence of the bad smell.

A good rule of thumb is also to always keep the closet well organized: put away only clean clothes (since our clothes come into contact with a large amount of bacteria during the day) and organize them in the best possible way. For example, you can choose comfortable boxes and organizers for wardrobes, especially essential for changing closets at the end of the season. However, plastic containers should be avoided: it is good to prefer woven and metal baskets that allow the garments to breathe inside. Leaving the closet closed for too long is also not good. Circulation of air is necessary, so it is essential to ventilate it from time to time.

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