Biden sees Champ and Major: the President's dogs enter the White House

Biden sees Champ and Major: the President's dogs enter the White House

Finally, Champ and Major have also joined Joe and Jill Biden at the White House

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Since his inauguration at the White House, the new President of the United States Joe Biden had wanted to take some time to settle in. But now the time has come to reunite with his beloved dogs, Champ and Major: they too have made their entry into what will be their home for the next few years.

Joe and his wife Jill Biden are big animal lovers, and have revived the tradition of opening the doors of the White House to their four-legged friends – a tradition that ended with Donald Trump, who didn't want anything with him. pet. However, Champ and Major had to wait a few days before seeing their family again. As revealed by Michael LaRosa, the First Lady's press officer, the spouses had wanted to take time to settle down before moving their dogs from Delaware.

The two gorgeous German Shepherds are already getting acquainted with the new environment in which they will live: "Champ is enjoying his new bed by the fireplace and Major loves running on the South Lawn lawn," LaRosa added to CNN. The Biden family has enjoyed the company of the two animals for some time, and their story is really sweet. Champ, the eldest, arrived following a promise: Joe said he would buy a dog if Barack Obama won the 2008 presidential election. And his wife Jill didn't want to wait a minute longer.

So, in late 2008, Joe Biden approached a Pennsylvania breeder and brought home Champ, who was born in October of that same year. For some time, the dog was the only one to keep the Bidens company. Until, in 2018, he was joined by Major: a German shepherd puppy rescued by volunteers from the Delaware Humane Association shelter, he belonged to a litter exposed to toxic material, whose owner could not afford the veterinary expenses. Apparently, between Joe and Major it was love at first sight.

The first dog adopted by a shelter to enter the White House, the young Major therefore has a beautiful story behind him. A few days before the inauguration of the new President of the United States, the Delaware Humane Association wanted to celebrate this incredible milestone with an online party that involved almost 7,500 people – for the occasion, 200 thousand dollars in donations for dogs were also collected more unfortunate.

Today, Champ and Major are back to enjoy the affection of their family, after a few days away. The first images of the two beautiful German Shepherds have already moved everyone, and who knows if some other animal will come to keep them company in the future. Jill Biden has indeed expressed a desire to have a cat as well, further proof of her enormous love for her furry friends.

Champ and Major, Joe and Jill Biden's dogs arrive at the White House

Champ and Major

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