Bikini or whole: what costume to choose to be perfect

What costume to choose for summer 2017 according to our appearance, to feel beautiful and above all at ease, with an eye on the trends of the season

The heat is coming and we start looking around for a new costume for summer 2017. Which to choose between whole or bikini and how to use it according to our appearance? If you are about to face the costume test, here are some ideas and some tips for you.

Before starting to read, however, keep in mind one important thing: the perfect costume for you is not only the one that best fits your body, but also, and above all, the one that makes you feel comfortable and at ease, like any other garment of clothing!

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Whole Olympic: it's for you if you want to be comfortable, you don't have special support needs on your breast and you want to emphasize your shoulders. Choose one colored or fancy, so as to make it more feminine.

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Whole braided: it's for you if you have an androgynous or very athletic body, with broad shoulders and a narrow waist, because it will immediately make you more sexy and feminine.

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