Billie Eilish in lingerie on the cover: the right to show off your body

Billie Eilish in lingerie on the cover: the right to show off your body

"Showing off your body shouldn't take your respect away": Billie Eilish poses in bustier and suspenders like a 1950s diva for Vogue

Billie Eilish appeared on the cover of Vogue Uk completely different from how she has always shown herself. It is not a simple change of look, but a real transformation that translates into the right to show your body and feel good for it.

Abandoning oversized outfits and wearing them as a “teenager” almost aimed at hiding her femininity, Billie Eilish has been immortalized as a fifties diva. Wavy hair, platinum blonde that is very reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe, while it is a triumph of bustiers (true trend of the season), corsets, suspenders and powder-colored lace.

A real transformation for the 19-year-old who reveals her more feminine side for the first time. The June cover of Vogue UK reads: "It's about what makes you feel best." In fact, the message Billie Eilish wants to give is clear: "Showing your body and your skin shouldn't take away an iota of respect from you." And that's exactly what she demonstrates with the glossy service that sees her as the protagonist.

The singer, who will turn 20 on 18 December, is immortalized on the cover with a Gucci look: a tight pink bustier that reveals her sensual curves, pencil skirt and latex gloves. In another shot instead she is portrayed with the classic Burberry trench coat, Mugler body and stockings and suspenders.

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The photos are taken by Craig McDean and reflect the change of Billie Eilish who had just announced that she wanted something new. The shots are inspired by Betty Brosmer and reveal the secret tattoo that the singer got a year ago and about which she said that no one would ever see it, but she has obviously changed her mind about that too. Here it is clearly evident on the right side. Billie gave a preview of the service, which will be released in June, on her Instagram profile where she has obtained millions of likes.

In the interview accompanying the photo shoot, the singer explains the reason for this transformation and the importance of feeling good about yourself, beyond the judgments of others.

"Suddenly you are a hypocrite if you want to show your body, you are an easy one, a puttxxx. If they are, then I'm proud of it. Me and all the girls are sluts, you know? And, fanxxx, we need to feel stronger for it. Showing your body or a bit of skin shouldn't take away an iota of respect from anyone ".

Meanwhile, her latest single (watch the video above), Your Power, is having a crazy success and highlights the themes of sexual abuse, coercion and control. It wants to be a message to make people think about how women are considered based on their appearance.

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Billie Eilish on the cover of Vogue

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