Black and white are the colors of the Queens! Same choice, different prices!

Black and white are the colors of the Queens!  Same choice, different prices!

White and black are the colors most worn and loved by queens in 2022. Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz have chosen to wear the two-tone look made up of these two shades on very important occasions. But the key difference is in the price!

Queens are the real IT girls of the moment. Their looks are the most talked about of the moment and they all want to steal a pinch of their elegance. The two most loved (or future) queens of the moment from a style point of view are undoubtedly Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz of Spain. The two have a different way of conceiving fashion, but Kate and Letizia recently made a similar choice, wearing looks in the same colors. But the difference was substantial! Let’s find out all the secrets behind Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz’s looks and see why black and white are the most loved colors by queens!

Black and white

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We know that queens must attend many formal engagements, receptions and so on, and their looks must always be suitable for the occasions. But when the queens show themselves at social events parading on the red carpet everything becomes more glamorous.

Today in this license plate style guide CheWoman we will compare two queens (one is almost the other) and their love for black and white looks, who choose the same colors for their outfits but in a completely different way.

Are you curious to find out all the details? So let’s get started!

Black and white is the choice of Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz. One chooses Roland Mouret, the other the low-cost Mango!

On two very different occasions but with little distance from each other, Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz showed looks that had similarities. Certainly the chosen color, black and white, but also the elegance and simplicity that transpired through the clothes. However, another difference was substantial.

Black and white

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Letizia Ortiz was the protagonist of a style story that made the whole of Europe discuss because of a dress. During the Royal Board on Disability Council ceremony, the Queen of Spain wore a black and white midi dress by Mango, cost € 59.90. The incident occurred when Letizia rewarded Professor Immaculada Vivas Teson, who wore the same low-cost dress. By the way, Letizia Oriz protagonist of a fashion record!

Instead Kate Middleton dazzled everyone by attending the premiere of the film Top Gun: Maverick with Tom Cruise at the Cannes Film Festival. The future queen of England, on the other hand, wore a long black mermaid dress with a white neckline by Roland Mouret, much more expensive than the one worn by the Queen of Spain. Not only that, Kate Middleton also made changes to her dress to give it a more elegant touch, as the original dress featured a black veil that showed the whole back transparently.

In short, it is clear that black and white will be the new elegant combination chosen by the royals, but everyone will continue to do it in their own way!

Black and white

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Also for today ends here the most fashionable style guide ever, the one with the license plate CheWoman which saw as protagonist Kate Middleton and Letizia Ortiz in comparison.

See you at the next style guide, so as not to miss any news in terms of fashion, and more!

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