Black is the chicest color ever! Here’s how to wear it even in summer!

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Black is the chicest color ever, and perfect for summer! Here is the CheDonna style guide that will show you all the trends of the moment to create a perfect total look with the color most loved by all: black!

Always following fashion trends to the letter is never easy, especially when it comes to colors. That’s right, because colors follow trends: we can use a certain color during the year and the next one, stop using it. However, there are shades that do not follow the trends, because they are classic and evergreen!

Black chic color

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Black looks good on everything. Never has a sentence been truer, because in terms of clothing, black is definitely the most loved of all. It always makes us feel elegant and at ease in any stylistic situation.

Every year, however, the big names in fashion launch that new nuance or that new combination of bright colors that we try to get away from our love for black, but for a short time, because black is the only color we can never get tired of.

It must be said, however, that the protagonist color of this style guide is dark and therefore in summer or during the beautiful days it does not seem trendy to wear total black outfits.

From today everything will change, because we are about to know all the fashion secrets to wear black looks even in summer and be on top!

Are you curious? Let’s begin!

Black is the most elegant color of summer 2022! Here’s how to make your favorite looks!

Choosing to wear monochromatic looks is always a good choice, because in an instant you will look elegant and super chic. But when it comes to plain black looks we have to be careful and not overdo it. Here’s how to always be on top!

Black summer color

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Let’s get straight to the heart of this branded style guide CheWoman and let’s see how to create total black looks perfect for the summer:

  • t-shirt and skinny jeans: this look is perfect for days at work and for an aperitif with friends. Style tip: use in this case a shoe and bag of a different color, such as white or beige. It will give a lighter touch to your outfit.
  • miniskirt and chunky sandals: the black miniskirt with t-shirt and chunky sandals is the perfect match for a walk with friends in the city center. Comfortable but trendy!
  • midi length: whether it’s a skirt or a dress, the midi length, therefore below the knee, is perfect for any situation. Wear your black midi dress or your matching shirt and skirt with a flat sandal. Chic and timeless!
  • men’s trousers and crop top: if you can’t do without your man-cut trousers, the crop look or tank top and trousers with total black pleats will be your best friend in the summer! By the way, Elodie and the costume that enchanted the web! Here’s how to copy it!

Black summer color

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We have seen how to create your total black look. Now we just have to experiment with fashion, create your outfit and wear it! You will be perfect!

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