Black lipstick: when to use it and how to combine it

Black lipstick: when to use it and how to combine it

Black lipstick is back in the limelight and, as many haute couture designers teach us, it can be synonymous with elegance and refinement, just knowing how to wear it

Often associated with punk style or Halloween tricks, black lipstick, very popular in the 1980s, is back in fashion. If you are not used to wearing dark lipsticks it is important to pay attention to some details.

Black lipstick: never by day

To be elegant, black lipstick should be worn at nightfall and for special events, when you want to impress and dare a strong look. An impactful color, in fact, also wants a special atmosphere to be raised.

Black lipstick: first, it moisturizes the lips well

A lipstick so special requires impeccable lips. Before applying the black lipstick, remove any cuticle and dead cells by scrubbing and moisturizing the lips well with a balm. The final effect, in this way, will be more uniform and without imperfections.

Black lipstick: uniforms the base

Like all dark colors, even the black lipstick tends to accentuate the imperfections of the face and teeth. So make sure you perform a thorough make-up that allows you to have a uniform and uniform base, and don't forget to cover the dark circles well.

Black lipstick: pay attention to the combinations

If you've opted for a black lipstick, focus on a natural and radiant make-up on the rest of your face. Better, so avoid smokey eyes, everything would be too aggressive. Opt for a shimmer eye shadow, to give more light to the look thus creating a contrast. The recommended colors are gold, ivory, bronze and silver. With these colors you will be able to create plays of light and contrasts on the eyelids while still obtaining a light but effective makeup. Finally, frame your eyes with well-filled and defined eyebrows.

Black lipstick: the application

The black lipstick could be difficult to apply, with such a dark color even the smallest error is evident. Also, beware of pigmentation. If the lipstick is not sufficiently pigmented the final effect may be discolored or tending to dark red. You can bet on a liquid lipstick like that of Nyx Cosmetics from the Suade line, which thanks to its applicator makes precise the application of color, leaving a long-lasting ultra matte finish on the lips.

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