Blake Lively’s beauty secret that we should all copy

Blake Lively's beauty secret that we should all copy

Blake Lively – the queen of this year’s Met Gala – talked about her beauty secret, which we should all take inspiration from.

We recently saw her at the Met Gala, in which she showed off the iconic Versace dress, which allowed her to show two outfits in one, thanks to the sudden transformation of the garment.

Blake Lively secret beauty

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From light blue, the dress changed to pink in just a few moves, leaving everyone speechless, including Ryan Reynolds.

The dress, worn for the red carpet of the vernissage of the Metropolitan Museum of New York’s Costume Institute exhibition entitled In America: An Anthology of Fashion, was a tribute to the United States and its architecture.

Inspired by Art Deco, the details of the dress – in both its “phases” – were clear (but not too much) homages to some of the emblematic American monuments.

For example, in the blue version, the skirt was embellished with copper details, tribute to the Statue of Liberty, as was the seven-pointed diadem, a symbol of “inclusiveness, welcome and freedom”.

The large train, then, showed the 12 constellations of the zodiac that decorate the ceiling of Grand Central Station.

Likewise, the rhinestones of the all-rhinestone bodice picked up some reflections of the Empire State Building.

In short, more than a dress, it was a real element of art, the pure one.

But it wasn’t just the dress that impressed all the spectators. Aside from her husband’s eyes looking at her as if it were her first day despite the fact that about 11 years have passed since their first meeting, it was also the actress’s eternal youth that left their mark on her.

Notwithstanding the fact that the actress is young – she is almost 35 – what left everyone speechless was to see that from the days of Gossip Girl to today hasn’t changed at all, indeed it appears more and more beautiful.

His face it is always smooth, compact, very bright, exactly like when he was 20.

But do you know what Blake Lively’s beauty secret is? It is a beauty routine from which we should all take an example.

Blake Lively’s beauty secret

Blake Lively’s secret to having a face that is always “drawn” like at 20? There facial gymnastics.

Blake Lively secret beauty

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Well yes, the actress swears that 15 minutes a day is enough to prevent relaxation and the formation of wrinkles and to have a face that is always toned.

After all, just think that in the United States there are real gym for the face, that work exactly like the ones for the body that we all know.

In practice, 15 minutes of facial gymnastics are inserted into a course and in this way you leave the gym with all the most toned muscles, including those of the face.

What exercises do you do? Those of mimicry, contraction, self-massage. This happens because there are 11 muscular bands of the face and not all of them are stressed in the right way, that’s why you need more types of exercises to be sure you have trained them all correctly.

In fact, by soliciting all the muscle groups new automatisms will be created, which over time will allow us to have the skin of the face always smooth.

Of course we know that we can also do these exercises at home and we don’t necessarily need a gym to do them.

If you want to find out how to do the lifting massage, here is our guide.

In fact we know that our skin tends to change over the years as well to become thinner, less luminous, more opaque.

This happens because the muscles relax and facial expressions do nothing but speed up – and sharpen – the skin aging process.

For example, those who often have a frown will probably have very marked wrinkles on the forehead and not too old in age. Similarly, those who laugh often may find themselves with more noticeable crow’s feet and so on.

When the muscles work too much or too little, circulation problems may arise and this is why the skin begins to appear dull.

Also when they are not working, the volumes “empty” and therefore the skin appears relaxed, not smooth and absolutely not compact.

This is why facial gymnastics takes over, which serves precisely to preserve volumes and ensure that our face always appears young.

Obviously to this we should add our daily skin care (which varies according to the results we want to achieve, our age and the type of skin we have), a healthy diet and the right hydration.

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