Blasi and Totti excited at the first communion of the children

Blasi and Totti excited at the first communion of the children

Double party at home Totti and Blasi, the couple's children made their first communion. Mom and Dad pose happy and proud for the usual photos. Looking forward to the wedding bis

Ilary Blasi between Francesco Totti, children and gossip

Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti happy and visibly excited at the first communion of their children, Cristian and Chanel (LOOK AT THE PHOTOGALLERY). Big family party waiting for the wedding. The two will say yes again after 10 years of marriage.

Everything took place on Saturday 16 May in a church in via Veneto, in the heart of Rome, according to reports from the official Ilary Blasi fan club. No paparazzi or indiscreet reporters were present at the ceremony, even if some photos were taken thanks to the forum dedicated to the presenter.

Ilary was very elegant with a long, sage-colored dress and a gold belt around her waist. Hair gathered in a disheveled braid and gold-colored lobes. The Roma bomber wore a blue suit, like little Cristian, 9 years old. While Chanel, 8 years old, wore a white, flounced dress, just as tradition dictates.

After the religious service and the ritual shots, where Ilary, a very sweet mother, is visibly happy for her two little ones, a big party with relatives and friends. Or rather a double party, since there were two celebrants, in a restaurant on the Laurentina.

A day, therefore, full of joy that children, but also parents, will remember with joy. Even if now the eyes are on another demanding ceremony that directly sees Totti and Blasi as the protagonists who recently turned 34: their second wedding. And this time Cristian and Chanel will bring the rings.

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