Blazer dress: how to wear it with style

Blazer dress: how to wear it with style

Having become a real trend, the blazer dress is a beautiful but insidious garment: let's see how to wear it to the fullest

Do you know the blazer? That jacket, often double-breasted, very masculine, which when worn by women becomes super feminine and elegant? Here, the trend now is to make it a dress: the blazer dress. I like it? I do not like? Mmmm, I don't completely bum, but it is a bit complicated to manage … let's see why and how to wear it with style!

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Blazer dress, how to wear it with style: premises

I feel like making an introduction to this article, as I often do in my blog! The risk of this dress is that it easily falls into vulgarity: just the neckline too bold or the hem too short, or the shoe does not suit the situation and I doubt the sexy look becomes … too much. How to do it then?

  • First: In the meantime, unless you have very little breast, the bra is indispensable.
  • Second: you should not see (my ideas on linen can be found in this post).
  • Third: try to make sure that the point where the blazer crosses on the décolleté is not too deep (as if you opened an extra button on the shirt, to understand each other).
  • Fourth: eye to the brim: short yes, groin no.
  • Fifth: ok for high necklines for a romantic evening, but if you want to use it as an office, opt for a low shoe (a lace-up for men, even two-colored, will be fine)
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    Blazer dress, how to wear it with style: like a minidress

    Given the premises above, go ahead for the blazer dress! If you have nice legs, even if you are small, take it. Put on a nice oversized coat and super-covering stockings, now that it's still cold, and then with spring, bare legs! If you feel more comfortable, put a short underneath: so when you walk you will have zero problems with splits 😉

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    Blazer dress, how to wear it with style: with pants

    I won't hide the fact that even if it is worn this way it has a great class: you can also wear it with a sash at the waist like a belt, in order to highlight it … it will be perfect. In case you wear it like this, the piece underneath is good if it has a slim or cigarette cut. I wouldn't wear denim, honestly, I'd rather opt for a plain-colored trouser.

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