Blisters and dehydrosis

Blisters and dehydrosis

Dyshidrosis: this condition, from the most common term "blisters", affects many people, particularly during hot periods when sweat is the order of the day

Dyshidrosis (or blisters) is a very common problem, but at the same time it causes many skin problems. It is precisely the appearance of numerous bubbles on the palm of the hand, but also on the feet. This phenomenon not only causes much discomfort, but once the bubbles burst they can also cause severe pain. However, nowadays, there is no precise reason for the appearance of this pathology, even if the experts associate it with heat and excessive sweating, exactly as if it were a real reaction of the skin to high temperatures . Therefore, to prevent this problem and prevent the appearance of blisters it is important to nourish the skin, especially after the summer, as this is a problem that should not be underestimated. This disease tends to develop mainly between the fingers, as well as on the palm of the hand and on the feet, thus causing a strong irritation. These small epidermal vesicles, depending on the circumstances, can be very deep or in other cases manifest themselves in a lighter or raised form. This problem can increase with heat, which can cause further irritation, as well as pain and itching that can persist even for 3 or 4 weeks.

When these bladders break out, the peeling occurs which can persist for weeks or months. When this disorder occurs in severe form, real thickening of the skin can arise which can create a strong discomfort during normal daily movements. Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that dehydrosis can present reactions and worsen when the skin comes into contact with soaps or detergents, but also water or substances that can irritate it. It can also happen that the skin is completely peeled and in this case it is necessary to pay close attention to the irritated parts, since the skin is subject to a greater risk of infections. In the past the presence of these numerous blisters was associated completely with sweating. From here it takes the name "disidrosi", or "excessive sweating". Therefore the increase in vesicles was associated with excessive sweating even during moments of stress or tension. Further research wanted to highlight the causes responsible for this disease, such as infections of the intestine or food intolerances.

However, the cause could also be pool water, characterized by an excessive amount of chlorine. Moreover, some experts point out that this pathology could also manifest itself due to the open shoes that are used in warm periods such as sandals. A therapeutic action to best treat this disorder has been detected by the salt water of the sea. Even the sun can be a friend of the skin. Yes, taking a bath by the sea from time to time could be a good remedy to alleviate this disease. On the other hand, it is possible to heal more quickly when the onset of the disease is not in severe form. Once the root cause is identified, the problem should start to disappear in a short time. The fact remains that the seasons have a great effect on the onset of dehydrosis. Therefore, especially hot periods should never be underestimated, where you need to take care of your skin consistently. Despite this, there may be long periods when the disease does not manifest itself.

This happens because the triggering causes of the appearance of blisters are still unknown today. Therefore it is essential to avoid the occurrence of the problem through simple precautions. However, there are very specific risk factors related to dehydrosis. In fact, it seems that the disease affects women most, who are more vulnerable to blisters. Stress also plays a fundamental role. Apparently this pathology tends to occur mainly during periods of anxiety and fatigue. As mentioned above, it is also advisable to pay attention to prolonged exposure to mineral salts such as cobalt, chromium and nickel, as some subjects are more vulnerable to the disease due to these substances. Dyshidrosis can also be caused by moisture. The appearance of blisters could be associated with a reaction of the skin when it is in contact with wet substances. When the pathology is in progress, specific precautions must be followed in order to avoid worsening the situation. First of all, you should not scratch or scratch the irritated skin, you should limit the contact with water and constantly moisturize the skin with moisturizers. Finally, always try to protect the skin, avoiding aggressive detergents or irritants such as soap used to wash dishes. It is also necessary to eliminate stress, which could play tricks.

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