Blood group diet, effective or hoax?

Fabio Volo's interview with Dr. Mozzi on the controversial diet has raised many controversies: that's why

The controversial blood group diet (THIS IS WHAT THIS DIET IS), created by the American naturopath Peter J. D'Adamo, has returned to the center of the debate after the interview on Fabio Volo's Radio Deejay with Dr. Mozzi, main supporter and speaker of this diet in Italy.

The basic thesis on which Dr. Mozzi's blood group diet is based is as follows:

I argue that there is a very close relationship between the blood group to which we belong and the nutrition that we should follow to maintain a satisfactory state of health.

During the interview, various points were touched, including the advantages and disadvantages of drinking milk (considered by some to be one of the white killers, such as flour, sugar and salt). Dr. Mozzi explained that man is the only mammal that introduces the milk of other animals into his diet. Furthermore, its consumption, which is harmful above all to certain blood groups, affects only a part of the population, precisely that which is affected by diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.


Another burning question related to gluten that Dr. Mozzi considers harmful because eating it would cause damage to the body, also affecting the respiratory tract.

The interview aroused quite a few controversies, also because the adversaries of the blood group diet have always claimed that this has no scientific basis. Part of the network also contested the fact that it was inappropriate to talk about health and medicine during an entertainment broadcast and without having any contradictory arguments with which to compare Dr. Mozzi's opinions.

Pending further verification by experts on the efficacy and correctness of this diet, we try to understand what the blood group diet is (CLICK HERE).

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