Blue and black: a couple that breaks out? But no 😉

Blue and black: a couple that breaks out?  But no 😉

Here’s how to combine blue and black: a fashion couple that works great!

Blue and black are considered to be a pair of colors that don’t work together, but that’s not the case at all! Elegant and super feminine, they are a combination approved by Yves Saint Laurent himself, who has often and willingly combined them in his wonderful creations. So don’t be afraid to wear these two colors together: not only is it chic, but it’s also easier than you think! Here are some ideas for you.

Lighten the whole

If you do not feel comfortable because you are afraid of darkening the whole thing, you can lighten the outfit, opting for details that range up to cooler shades such as light blue. For example, in the photo below, you don’t see much but the sheath dress is dark blue: the general effect, however, is lightened by the lighter details in the bomber’s fur.

How to combine blue and black: look ideas

Add a “neon” touch

Neon so to speak: let’s say that this advice is a bit of a corollary of the previous one. On electric blue, cornflower blue or even navy blue garments, you can serenely wear black outerwear and accessories without fear of making a mistake, especially if you don’t like too colorful looks. Black, in this case, is a safe haven!

How to combine blue and black: look ideas

A colorful accessory

If there is a shade of blue that I particularly like combined with black it is navy blue, the very dark one, in Saint Laurent style, especially if adopted on outfits such as suits worn in a sporty way or jackets with a masculine cut or tuxedo. If you like this combination too, you can add a very colorful detail to brighten the whole. If you want to lighten everything, opt for a pair of sneakers instead of lace-ups.

How to combine blue and black: look ideas

Almost tone on tone

The blue point can be so dark that it borders on black, almost in a tone on tone. Here too, the best strategy is to lighten the whole with accessories of light and bright colors and maybe discover some part of the body. The décolleté, or the wrists or the ankles are enough: the whole will be much brighter!

How to combine blue and black: look ideas

What if it was blue?

Don’t forget that blue exists in many shades: maybe the darkest one is not yours and you don’t feel like wearing it! In this case, you can opt for a lighter color, such as blue, with dark details, such as the eco fur in the photo below which has gray shades. Note that, to keep it simple, the rest of the look and accessories are black.

How to combine blue and black: look ideas

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