Blue ribbon: why it is so important for some children to wear it now

Blue ribbon: why it is so important for some children to wear it now

A blue ribbon for autistic children and their silent battle

As you leave the house to shop or purchase other essential goods, you may notice some mothers walking around with their children and perhaps you won't miss that particular detail of the blue ribbon.

A blue colored band placed around the arm or wrist of those who are fighting a painful and silent battle that others from the outside cannot even imagine. It is spontaneous in this historical context to ask why that mother chose to take her son out when the quarantine was imposed on us. Why risk so much since the virus is still circulating?

That blue ribbon is the answer to our questions, to everything we cannot see with our eyes. That small and apparently insignificant object is actually the symbol of a child who is facing his battle against autism.

Because the quarantine of families who fight against the specter of autism is not easy. Having to stay at home, children can have anxiety attacks or show aggression, so mothers who know their children well choose to take walks in the open air to reassure them and with love and shrewdness they make their children wear something blue, to somehow explain to people who aren't breaking the rules. That exit is actually a necessity.

The sense of restrictions for those with autism is absolutely not perceived and on the contrary, it can cause anxiety and feelings of suffocation. And without the support of therapy centers or home support operators, everything becomes extremely complicated.

And so mom thinks, as always, to find ways to calm her children, even if it is not easy. Monia Gabaldo, the mother of the three autistic children whom we reached on the phone to ask her how they are experiencing the situation, also confirmed it. “It is not easy” -he confirmed – – But as always we roll up our sleeves and fight together with our children. Because in solitude we discovered that we are a team ".

Meanwhile, through social networks, several mothers confirm that they will continue to go out with their children wearing something blue on the occasion of the World Autism Awareness Day to be held on April 2.

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