Blue therapy: walking by the sea is good for mental health

Blue therapy: walking by the sea is good for mental health

Walking in a space where blue color predominates helps psychophysical well-being

Going to the sea – but also to the lake, the river, or any other place where there is water – is good: a scientific study reveals it that shows how blue therapy is a reality. Walking in a space where this color predominates helps us to regain mental and physical well-being.

Those who love taking long walks on the beach will already know this very well, but now there is research that ascertains how the sea is a real remedy for stress and bad mood. According to a recent study conducted by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health and published in the prestigious Environmental Research magazine, walking in large blue outdoor spaces promotes physical and mental well-being.

The study involved 59 adults who, for three weeks, took short walks in specific environments. During the first week, for 20 minutes a day they walked in a blue space (on the beach or at the lake, or along the banks of a river), in the second week they instead walked in the urban scene of Barcelona and, finally, during of the third week they stayed at home to rest. Before, during and after the activity, the participants in the research underwent pressure and heart rate measurements and a short questionnaire to evaluate their mood.

What emerged is really very interesting: after walking in a space where blue color predominates, the subjects involved in the study found a significant improvement in mood and psychological well-being. On a physical level, the researchers noticed a better cardiovascular response in all those who took a walk (both in an urban context and in a blue space), compared to the participants who stayed at home.

This opens up new perspectives, as the lead author of the study, Cristina Vert, reveals: "Lasting and continuous exposure to these blue spaces could have positive effects on cardiovascular health that we have not been able to observe yet".

Already in the past, a systematic review of studies on the subject had shown a correlation between the attendance of blue spaces in the open air and better psychophysical health: results not yet sufficient to give a precise answer, but certainly encouraging. This new study sheds light on a really interesting question. Blue therapy could prove to be an excellent help for those suffering from mood disorders, especially if combined with good exposure to sunlight, which in turn have important benefits for our mental health.

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