Blueberry diet, firm and deflate

Blueberry diet, firm and deflate

Tasty and rich in nutritional properties: blueberries are the perfect allies to get back into shape without effort

Tasty and rich in nutritional properties, blueberries are the ideal ally for the diet because they firm and deflate, helping to lose excess weight without effort.

This fruit originating in North America, is also produced in Italy, particularly in mountainous areas, where it matures in July and August. Delicious, sugary and excellent for health, blueberries are perfect for getting back in shape without effort. This powerful food-drug in fact eliminates water retention and swelling, reactivates circulation and helps dissolve fat pads.

In the pulp of the blueberries there are zinc, selenium, iron, but also vitamins A, B, C, E. They are powerful antioxidants, which help slow skin aging and prevent wrinkles, giving an elastic skin to all age. Not only: they are also excellent fat burners, perfect as a starvation break, to reactivate the metabolism and drain liquids, improving digestion.

Not only blacks, blueberries can also be red. In this case they possess anti-inflammatory and astringent properties, perfect to guarantee the health of the urinary system and diuresis, but above all to give us a compact, luminous and healthy skin. No coincidence that this fruit is particularly indicated for those suffering from couperose.

The beauty of blueberries is that they are particularly versatile and can be eaten throughout the day. You can eat them fresh or in the form of a smoothie, centrifuge or compost. This fruit is ideal for breakfast, with yogurt or fruit salad, as a mid-morning and afternoon snack. It also goes well with salads and main courses based on fish and meat.

How does the blueberry diet work? The day begins with a smoothie based on black and red blueberries, accompanied by a few toasted rusks and a plain yogurt. For lunch, opt for a salad based on songino and smoked salmon, with a few blueberries and a wholemeal sandwich. At dinner, bring to the table whole cold pasta with blueberries, peas, currants and feta. Finish with a herbal tea made from berries to improve digestion.

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