Blush in summer: here are the mistakes that make you look older!

Blush is one of the best friends of the summer but we can make unforgivable application errors: let’s learn to avoid them!

As its name indicates the blush serves to reproduce the natural redness of the cheeks. “To Blush”, in fact, in English means “to blush”.

summer blush errors


This product is one of the best friends of women of all ages especially in winter, because it allows you to give the complexion a more youthful, lively and healthier appearance.

Also in summer however we must not underestimate the importance of blush, because it allows us to reproduce the golden touch of the tan even when we’re not really tanned yet.

Furthermore blush is perfect for making a light and natural make-up, that is what we tend to prefer in the summer.

Obviously, to make such a make-up it is important avoid all errors that could compromise the result. As usual, the lighter the trick, the more attention you need to pay attention to its application because hiding errors will be much more difficult!

Mistakes with blush to avoid in summer

The correct use of blush passes through a series of good practices that should be followed throughout the year but which become particularly important in summer. Let’s see what they are and the mistakes not to make.

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  • The blush must always be armocromatic

It means it has to be chosen based on the color of the complexion but above all the undertone of the skin. A correct color will make us look more beautiful, younger and give us a much brighter complexion. A non-armocromatic color will make us look older and more tired.

To find out what the undertone of your skin is, we invite you to follow TipsForWomens’s guide to the undertone: it will take you a few minutes to identify the right cosmetics for you.

The general rule is that a warm undertone should be enhanced with warm colors and a cold undertone with cold colors.

The most common mistake made in the summer however it is wrong color Why the tan gives a warm note even to the cold undertone. The advice therefore is to always opt for peach or orange blushes in this period: using the rosé ones we use in winter would be a mistake.

  • Choose an armocromatic but too light blush

Tanning doesn’t just slightly alter the skin’s undertone. Also the color of the complexion is altered getting slightly darker (which is why we love getting a tan!).

This means that we have to choose blushes with more intense colors than those we normally use. With an armocromatic but too light blush we run the risk of making our face appear older, paler and less healthy than what we would like!

  • Not blending blush well is a very serious mistake

Since the blush is used to give the face a healthy and natural look it is essential to blend the product very well, so that it gradually merges with the complexion.

An unforgivable mistake, especially in summer when the use of foundation is limited to the bare minimum, is blend the blush a little or badly.

If you use a powder product, the ideal brush is large, round and with natural bristles. If you use a cream product then the ideal is to spread a small amount with the fingertips and add more product until the desired intensity is reached.

The nuance is also very important for avoid the deposit of product in small expression lines. If the product were to accumulate in the folds of the skin, in fact, the wrinkles would be more visible and more accentuated. The result? A more marked, wrinkled and “older” face.

  • A common mistake: using blush like a bronzer

The blush should be used in very small quantities and only in certain areas of the face. Absolutely not to be spread all over the face as if it were a bronzing powder. The effect would be really unpleasant, unnatural and would make us age suddenly.

The only point of contact between the use of blush and bronzer is the contouring: blush contouring is in fact a perfect technique to give shape and three-dimensionality to the face even in summer, without weighing down the make-up.

  • Apply the blush directly to the skin (and find yourself with lots of spots)

Foundation is an inseparable friend of women’s skin during the winter, but in the summer it could be a bit heavy and unpleasant to wear. For this reason many women choose to do without foundation altogether, limiting itself to treating the skin with a beauty routine suitable for the summer to make it shine together with the tan.

When applying the blush directly to the skin, however, blending correctly becomes more difficult, due to the small imperfections of the texture and color of the skin which are normally minimized by the use of a good foundation.

contouring 50 years


This means that the best choice is to apply the blush on a thin layer of concealer, applied only to the cheek area. The alternative, especially useful if you have the mature skin and very visible pores, is to use a very small amount of primer, which will make the make-up even more resistant.