Body cream with hemp oil, aloe and shea butter: the DIY recipe

Only three ingredients to prepare a body cream to nourish the skin during the cold season and help it cope with low temperatures. Here is the DIY recipe for body cream with hemp oil, aloe and shea butter.

The ingredients for the DIY body cream

30 ml of hemp oil, 30 ml of aloe gel, 60 g of shea butter.

How to prepare the body cream with hemp oil, aloe and shea butter

Use hemp oil to melt the shea butter in a double boiler. As soon as it is removed from the heat, add the aloe gel, mix all the ingredients carefully and then pour into a sterile jar, to be kept perfectly capped in the refrigerator, for no more than 6-7 days.
Massage your cream all over your body, with gentle circular movements, morning and evening.

Focus on the ingredients

“L’hemp oil brings to the skin Omega 3 and 6, which moisturize and act as anti-aging by protecting the cell membrane, together with various vitamins, including B1, B2, PP and C, and antioxidant minerals and stimulating skin regeneration. It is also recompacting and invigorating because it is rich in phytosterols, which stimulate the fibroblasts of the skin ”, says the dermatologist and allergist Carlo Di Stanislao.

“The aloe gel it’s a good one moisturizing, skin restorative and anti-inflammatory. It also contains several vitamins, many enzymes and minerals but, above all, it is distinguished by the presence of polysaccharides, which in addition to stimulating the skin’s immune defenses favor the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The shea butter it is rich in emollient, nourishing, soothing and anti-aging substances, such as vitamins A, D and Fand unsaturated fatty acids, including oleic and palmitoleic ».